• Who is Samma3a?

Samma3a is a reviews, blogs, e-shop website specialized in portable audio equipments like headphones, earphones and all related accessories. Read Our story


  • Why Samma3a is different?

Samma3a is different because we carefully select the product list, with a detailed professional review along with an interactive platform for the users to share the experience and the knowledge about this exciting and growing sector.


  • What is your privacy policy?

We do take our users’ privacy seriously and you can read about it in details in this link.


  • Do you have a showroom, can I see the items before I buy them?

No, at least for now, we believe that the growing e-commerce market in this region is the best place to start. We can reach more customers, and share more experience. This will not replace the experience of touching and testing the products of course. We might consider it in the future.


  • I’m interested to do business with Samma3a, to whom I can send my business proposal or idea?

We welcome all ideas, please feel free to drop us an email to [email protected].


  • How can I apply for a job at Samma3a?

Please send us your CV to [email protected]


Products & Orders


  • How do I create an account?

a) Go to Create Account Page, fill in the details, and submit.

b) The account needs to be activated by clicking the link in the activation email you will receive. If you don't receive an activation email within few mins, please first check the junk/spam folder, if not found, send us an email to [email protected]


  • How do I order a product?

a) First of all, make sure you create an account if you don't have one already. Check How do "I create an account?" question in this page.

b) Search for the product(s) you want to buy by going to the shop or reviews pages and then going to the product page by clicking the "Buy" button.

c) When you're in the product page, click on the 'Add to Cart" button. But before that make sure you have selected the correct product variant if applicable (if the product has more than one color for example)

d) Now you're in the Cart page: Review the items you are buying and make sure they are correct with the needed quantity, then click on "Checkout" button. (if you are not logged in already, you will be prompt to do so)

e) Now you're in the Checkout page: 

-- If you are shipping to a different address than your billing address, check "ship to a different address" and enter the shipping address.

-- Choose your payment method: cash on delivery, Paypal or credit card.

-- If you have a voucher, enter it and click "apply"

-- Check "I agree to samm3a.com terms and conditions", If you don't agree with the terms and conditions we cannot process your order.

-- Click "Place Order" button.

f) After placing the order you will have one of these pages based on your payment selection: 

-- Cash On Delivery: you will get the order confirmation page.

-- Paypal or Credit Card: you will be transferred to Paypal or payment gateway page to enter your details and issue the payment. (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DON'T CLOSE THE BROWSER Until you're transferred back to samma3a.com), and then you'll get the order confirmation page.

g) You're done! You will receive a confirmation email that we have received the order, and once we confirm it you will receive another email with the confirmation and the shipping details.


  • The product I want is out of stock, when will it be available again? can I pre-order?

We don’t have auto notification for the products availability, you can always check the website regularly or you can send us an email to [email protected]. and we will inform you when they are available.


  • Can I order a product that is not listed in the website?

You can send us an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you if we can supply you with your request. And you can always contact us using the chat service.


  • How can I track my order?

Go to "Orders History" page and you will find your order waybill number, you can click it to track it on our shipping partner website.

The Shipping Partner will call you to arrange for the delivery when the order reach the final destination, and you can always call thier local office to expediate the process.


  • I need help with my order, how do I contact Samma3a?

Please go to contact us. page, it has all the recent information for contacting us.


  • I’m ordering the item as a gift, can you gift wrap it?

Unfortunately we don’t have this service at the moment, but we continuously work to improve our website and the gift wrapping will be available in the future.


  • Can I try the item before I pay for it? 

No. But, and for specific high end product, we might arrange for testing in Dubai, limited to the demo items availability, and the availably of our support engineers to meet you. Please send us an email to [email protected]. and we will come back to you the soonest.


  • Can I cancel my order?

Yes, It is our goal to make the experience of our customers as pleasant as possible, and as much as we love you keeping the items, we also give you the option to return them. Please check our shipping & returns policy.


  • Do all items have warrantee?

All items have the manufacturer warrantee which is specified in product details section, we don’t offer extended warrantee at the moment.


  • Can I get a discount for large orders?

If you are interested in large orders please send us an email to [email protected]. we can provide discounts whenever possible.


  • What does "extended delivery" means?

Sometimes we cannot stock certain products, and it will take some extra time to get it from the distributors, that's why we will not be able to deliver it as quickly as the rest of the products on the samma3a.com. However, we clearly mention the expected delivery time for each case.

Please keep in mind that having more than one product in one order where one of them have "extended delivery" might delay all them, if you are in a hurry make sure you order each item in a separate order.


  • Do I need an Aramex account to order?

No, you don't.





  • What payment options do I have?

We currently offercredit card payment

  • Do you have gift cards?

No, we don’t offer gift cards for now.


  • Do you have discount vouchers?

Yes, they will be provided for limited campaigns/discounts.





  • What countries does Samma3a ship to?

 We currently ship to the gulf countries, Lebanon,Jordan, Egypt and working to expand it to other countries soon, and you will find all the details on our shipping & returns policy.


  • Do I need to pay for customs?

If applicable, yes. The shipments will follow the regulation of the customs at the ship to countries.


  • How long does it take my order to get delivered?

it is usually 1-2 days in UAE, and 3-4 days for the rest of the countries. 


  • Where do you ship from?

We ship from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


  • I’m in a hurry, can I pick my items form a certain location?

It can be arrange in Dubai only, please send us an email to [email protected]. and will let you know if it can be done. Please don’t forget to mention your order number.





  • Can I return an item? How?

Yes, please send us an email to [email protected]. you can always refer to the return policy. for more details and for updated information.


  • The item is not what I ordered, what should I do?

Please send us an email to [email protected]. you can always refer to the return policy for more details and for updated information.


  • The item is damaged, what should I do?

Please send us an email to [email protected]. you can always refer to the return policy. for more details and for updated information.