JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Work with Iphone and Android

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Looking for some great sounding headphones that don't have thumping nightclub / dub step bass or bright, painful highs, headphones that really give you the nuances of your musical source and are comfortable too? The JBL E55BT Over Ear Closed wireless Headphones will be your answer.

While the world of wireless over-ear headphones is flush with excellent options at mid-tier prices, it can still be hard to find something that looks and sounds great below $150. So JBL E55BT Headphones Aced in this segment for Sure

  • JBL Signature Sound delivered by powerful 50mm drivers in a sleek, stylish design.
  • Up to 20-hour battery life
  • A rapid two-hour charging gets you up to 20 hours of audio playback.
  • Crafted from premium quality materials
  • Feature tangle free cables and form fitting ear cushions that provide hassle free usability. 
  • 50mm dynamic driver  offers a wide range of frequency response and great overall clarity,
  • Sleek appearance, various color options
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Technical Specification

  • Type: Wireless Over ear Closed Headphones
  • Dynamic driver 50mm
  • Plug 3.5mm
  • Frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance 32Ω
  • Battery lifetime 20hr
  • BT type 4
  • Warranty 1 Years

What Is In The Box

  • 1 pair of E55BT headphones
  • 1 Detachable cable
  • 1 Charging cable
  • Warning card
  • Warranty card
  • Safety sheet
  • QSG


Manufacture Description

Brand: JBL

Color: Black

Compatible With: Smartphones

Noise Cancelling: Yes

Mic Included: Yes

JBL Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones

The Master of Cinematic Audio

The JBL E55BT headphones deliver thumping, cinematic sounds. These JBL Bluetooth headphones use 50mm drivers that provide high fidelity audio in rich bass and stereo. You can conveniently pump the volume up or lower it, change tracks, or answer calls with its one button universal remote with microphone feature. Stay plugged in at all times owing to its extended battery backup of up to 20 hours. It also gets charged quickly within a span of two hours.

JBL Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Convenient Usage

These JBL over ear headphones feature form fitting and cushioned ear cups that facilitate convenient wearability for hours on the go without causing discomfort to your ears. The creative, tangle free fabric cable lets you keep it anyhow you like and still get it untangled at any point. If you need, you can remove the cables to listen to music wirelessly when in transit.

  • How can I reset my JBL E45BT, E55BT, T450BT and E55BT Quincy headphones?

    With the headphones switched ON, press and hold the Volume + and Volume - buttons for more than 5 seconds. The LED blinks two colors, and now you have reset to factory settings.

  • How do I power on and pair the E45BT/E55BT headphones?

    Locate the power button on the back of the right ear cup. Gently slide the spring loaded power button up and release. Once turned on, it will display a solid white light. If this is your first time powering on the device it should automatically go into pairing mode, and will display a fast blinking blue light. Make sure the device you are attempting to connect to is in search mode. The headphones should pop up on your list of discoverable devices within 3-5 seconds, and connect. If you are attempting to pair to a different device, make sure headphones are turned on, and press and hold the Bluetooth button located at the bottom of the right ear cup. The headphone should display on your new device within 3-5 seconds on your list of discoverable devices.

  • How do I see when my JBL E45BT or E55BT is fully charged?

    While charging, the charging indicator diode is lighting constantly. When charging is complete, the light goes out.

  • Can I connect to multiple devices on the E45BT/E55BT?

    Yes. The E45/E55BT headphones have the ability to pair and connect to two devices at the same time.

  • Can I replace the ear pads on my E55BT?

    No, the pads are glued to the headphone body, and must be replaced by a service technician.

  • Are the materials used in the E45BT/E55BT non-leather?

    Yes. Our E series headphones are made with synthetic protein leather.

  • How do I turn off my E45BT or E55BT?

    The on/off button is a spring-loaded slider button. Press the button upwards against the spring pressure, and hold it there for about three seconds. Now you will hear the "off" prompt sound in the headphone speakers, and the LED light goes out. Now the headphones are switched off. Please note that if you do not play music or press any button for about 10 minutes, the headphones will switch off automatically.

  • Does the E55BT Quincy Edition headphone comes with a carrying case?

    Yes, the E55BT Quincy Edition headphones feature a carrying case.

  • Can I listen to music while charging my E55BT or E45BT?

    Yes, but only via cabled connection. When you insert the USB charging cable, Bluetooth is switched off, so wireless listening is not possible.

  • Is the E55BT and over-ear or on-ear headphone?

    E55BT is an over-ear headphone.

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