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Adam Rhodes has over 11 years experience fitting and providing custom in-ear monitors (CIEMs) and hearing protection for audiophiles, musicians and celebrities in the US and UK. 


CIEMs have been used mostly by musicians in the past and can be cumbersome for consumers to purchase. But with the introduction of a wide product range for consumers, bluetooth capability and 3D ear scanning technology, audiophiles and consumers now have the same accessibilty to the best earphones money can buy. 


Adam Rhodes, now based in Dubai, is bringing the world's best CIEMs and earplugs to the GCC and Middle East and will guide you through the entire process of going custom and save you time and answer any questions you may have. 


Customer's located in Dubai & Abu Dhabi: Adam will contact you to schedule ear impressions either at his office in JLT, or an agreed location. From there, Adam will 3D scan the ear impressions to STL files and email to the chosen manufacturer. The cost for this service is AED250 reduced from AED500, if purchasing Ultimate Ears or JH Audio. Payable to Adam Rhodes Custom Ears at time of ear impressions. 

Customer's located outside of Dubai & Abu Dhabi: Adam will help secure ear impressions at a local audiologist to you, ensuring they follow the standard required for ear impressions. Then Adam will arrange for the impressions to be sent to him for 3D scanning, conversion to STL files and emailed to the chosen manufacturer. The cost for this service is dependant on local audiologist fees.  

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30 day fit guarantee. No returns on custom products.

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In-Ear Monitors ship from United States. Custom Earplugs ship from Dubai.