How to reach what Alexa have recorded from your conversations

recording history

Personal assistant technology such as Alexa and Google Assistant are designed to make our lives easier by implementing spoken commands from its users, to achieve that, the manufacturers always seek to offer the features that will help our assistant to recognize our voice and the things we like or dislike, and recording conversations you’ve had with them is a step in this direction, this allows them to learn the tone of your voice and your requests.

You may have heard a lot of incidents where Alexa has sent a piece of a daily conversation to one of its users’ friends without a permeation, those things happen especially when the user have changed the operating word to a common one like computer, in this case, Alexa will misunderstand it and think it’s a call for duty. Amazon calls this a false positive command.

Here are the steps to reach Alexa have recorded from your conversations:

recording historyFirst of all, open your Alexa App on your smart phone, then tap on the three horizontal lines icon on the top left corner to open reach the options, then chose Settings, then History.

Here you can find all the commands you have said to Alexa like playing music or what so ever. You may see some results that says only “Alexa” for the times you said its name accidentaly.

Other results that you may find are the “text not available” results, click on them and you can hear some family conversation like when your dad tells you you shouldn’t depend on Alexa that much. Alexa concluded that it wasn’t intended for her so it didn’t responded.

recording historyIf you felt uncomfortable that your personal assistant memorize such conversations, you can easily delete them on by one.

And if you want to delete them altogether, visit Manage Your Content And Devic page to delete them, the company will warn you that such step would reduce your experience, but aren’t we seeking our comfort? so we have all the right to do so.

The reason behind those recording is that Alexa is trying to form a voice profile for you and all recognized users and those who you’ve entered manually, Amazon also indicates that these recordings and voice models will be automatically deleted if it hasn’t recognized any specific user for three years.

For people who use Alexa way too much, they would find very difficult to search among all the results to find a few unwanted recordings, but it might be really necessary if you don’t want them to be in Alexa’s memory.

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