Amazon Prime Music is now available in india

Prime Music

After 18 months of Amazon bringing their Prime services to India, Amazon Prime Music is now available for Amazon Prime users. The Prime Music service was made available quietly today without any public announcement from Amazon.

Even though Amazon Prime was made available about a year and a half ago; Prime Video didn’t go public until after a few months, and Prime Music was only made available for access from web and mobile applications today. Before, Prime Music was only accessible from Amazon Echo devices which began shipping to India last October.

Medianama, the first site to report the new coming of Amazon Prime Music to India, also reported that Amazon made deals with five music labels including Sony, so Amazon Prime users can access Prime Music from the web and apps for iOS and Android.

Amazon will have the upper hand in the music streaming market in India, because they’ll be offering more for less to Amazon Prime customers, compared to other music streaming services, noting that the Prime membership gives users access not just for the music streaming service, but also to Prime Video and Prime e-commerce details.

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Another strong point for Amazon is price; while Prime membership costs 999 Rs. yearly, other streaming services like Gaana (1020 Rs.), Saavn (1050 Rs.) and Apple Music (1200 Rs.) come at a higher price with less to give compared to Amazon Prime memberships.

The news of Amazon making Prime Music available in India came out as rumors were spreading around Gaana getting a $115 million funding from the Chinese giant Tencent as a new investor, the Amazon release of Prime Music may be smartly timed to steal the lights from their competitor, Gaana.


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