It’s been a year since the release of the latest versions of Android, known as Android Nougat or Android 7.0, which some phones are still waiting for until today’s release of Android 8.0, which is called Android Oreo, to the famous cream biscuit with a chocolate layer Confirmations of its arrival to Pixel, Nexus 5X and 6P in its final version soon, before the arrival of the trial and final to the rest of the devices such as Samsung, Sony and others.

Let’s sail today to learn about the last thing in Google’s refrigerator, which has always introduced versions with the names of sweets, and to find out why the selection of this candy with the eighth version of the system, continue the following lines.

Android Oreo

The system was officially announced on August 21st at a press conference in New York during the Great Eclipse, when a white disk was covered by the moon to become like the Oreo.

Months ago, all the company announced was that the next Android system, which will carry the number eight, will be called Android O, without mentioning what the letter O.

As we used to, the company calls their Android versions with names of candy, there were Lollipop, Nougat, KitKat and others. This version was expected to be called Oatmeal Cookie or Orangina, but the final decision was to call it Oreo. the most expected name from the followers and those interested in technology.

The naming decision came after number of meetings between the company’s chiefs, where the engineers experimented with many muffins and desserts. Sagar Kamdar, Android Product Manager, said:

In our small kitchens at Google, we have Oreo everywhere, and our engineers have continued to eat Oreo with their glasses of milk.

It was also across the street starting at the Chelsea Market, the street where Nabisco’s first factory was found, where the first Oreo was first invented.

We finish here talking about the name and details of the announcement of the system, let’s move on to the features we waited for and which surprised us with the new version now.

System Features

Notification Dots

Everything you need to know about Android Oreo and its featuresThe first and most important features observed in the new version are known as Notification Dots, which enables you to know which applications in the groups that you create on the home page of the phone contains notifications, but in addition, a long press on this application will show you a list of the latest notifications Found in it.

As the system is still under development and experimentation, developers are able to add more to this feature, such as adding the ability to take action with such notifications as comment, reply or reject, etc., as appropriate for each application.

Picture-in-Picture mode

Everything you need to know about Android Oreo and its features
Now you can watch videos while using other applications.

The second feature of the system is the Picture-in-Picture mode, which allows you to minimize video clips in applications, whether from YouTube or video chat, so you can watch the clip while using the phone so you do not have to open the app and close any other application to be able to watch the clip.

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So far a few apps are supported by this feature, but we’re waiting for it to be supported by more of them.


Everything you need to know about Android Oreo and its features
Autofill allows you to save your login details so you don’t have to write it each time you need it.

This feature enables you to use applications such as Dashlane and LastPass, which enables you to save and write your login data directly to applications without having to use alternative solutions such as Android accessibility, but it was suffering from some conflict in past, but now it will run very smoothly and will fill the fields directly in applications and sites of login data and credit card data and others.

For example, if you sign in to Twitter via your phone browser, Autofill will save the data for you to enter immediately after downloading the Twitter app on your phone and trying to sign in.

Instant Apps

Everything you need to know about Android Oreo and its featuresThe unique Instant Apps feature of the Android system, which enables you to experience many applications without having to download them to make a decision to download them from full conviction, is now automatically activated in the new system. There is no longer any need to install any application without trying it before.

This feature has always been one of the best – if not the best – feature of Android, it’s now fully activated and optimized.

Google Play Protect

Everything you need to know about Android Oreo and its features
Google Play Protect fully scans your mobile to protect it from viruses.

Google has added a number of system security features that you may not notice during your daily use of the phone but can be observed over the long term. One of these features is Google Play Protect, which periodically scans applications and the system as well as hundreds of existing security enhancements with the new version.

New Emoji

Everything you need to know about Android Oreo and its features
Full redesigned Emoji with 60 additional emoji in Android Oreo.

A range of emoji has been launched, in my opinion it’s the best emoji ever released among all the previous versions of Android.

All faces have been redesigned, and there are 60 emoji being added to the new version to be used in all chat and writing applications.

Smarter Copy and Paste

Everything you need to know about Android Oreo and its features
Google’s Machine learning applied to Android Oreo.

Among the most important features that the company used machine learning in is the copy and paste feature, which identifies what you are trying to copy and paste and suggest the appropriate application. If you copy a phone number, the system will recognize this and suggest you with the options to copy, paste, share and your default communication application, And if you’ve selected an email, the suggestion will be the default email app like Gmail along with copy, paste, and share options.

Wi-Fi Aware

A new feature of the latest system is Wi-Fi Aware, Neighbour Awareness Networking or NAN, a new feature that works to establish communication between hardware-compatible devices when approaching each other, without the need for an Internet connection.

Speed ​​response and boot

Everything you need to know about Android Oreo and its featuresGoogle’s development team has focused very heavily on the speed of booting the device and the response speed of the applications in the new version.

The company is trying to make the speed of response applications and the boot in the new version twice the speed in the previous system Android Nougat, which will make the handling of your phone much smoother.

We hope that what we saw during the announcement is real in terms of speed. Many of those who tried the system spoke positively about this, saying that the boot speed in the new version is very remarkable, as well as the speed of response to touch and operation of applications and commands, making it the fastest version ever.

Optimizing battery life

Everything you need to know about Android Oreo and its featuresThe second performance improvement in the new system that has been announced is the increase in battery life.

This is not the first time that the company has announced a better battery, but it’s worth trying every time. This time it’s getting smarter by closing unused applications in the background, and reducing the consumption of RAM as you need, not using the full of it permanently.

We are waiting for the system to get to know the truth. Although the opinions on this point are not the same as those about the speed of boot and response time, they were not very positive but at least they are not worse than the previous version but they are not much better. In the end this would take longer to test the new feature in better way.

Only 13.5 percent of Android users use the previous version of Nougat with 77.5 percent using older versions such as Marshmallow, Lollipop, Kitkat and others who are older, which shows us a crisis. Android users get updates that vary according to the manufacturer of the phone and usually stop issuing updates to a device in order to replace it with another like a company such as Samsung, for example. Unlike the Apple iPhone, which has 87 users of iOS 10.

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The update will be available at the end of this year on all devices other than Google devices that include Pixel and Nexus like Samsung, Sony, HTC, and others. All that’s been said about these devices is near the release of their latest releases on the new system.

The first to have the update, of course, is the owners of Pixel and Nexus devices, especially Nexus 5X and 6P.

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By talking more deeply about companies, here is what each company has announced.

HTC: A spokesman for the company that the phone U11 will get the latest update, the rest of the devices are not announced to receive the update until now.

BlackBerry: Similar to HTC, only one phone has been announced on the latest update, BlackBerry Keyone, without announcing a specific date or announcing any other devices to receive it.

OnePlus: The company has semi-officially announced that the new system will be issued for devices 3 and 3T this year, in addition to the phone OnePlus 5.

LG: The company is already deploying the new system, the system seems to be on its way to the V30, as well as a number of its devices on the top of the company’s flag ships.

Samsung: As we used to from the Korean giant, the latest version will come first to the latest S8, S8 + and Note 8, but no other devices have been announced until now.

Sony: The company has not announced any news regarding the new version and its Xperia devices, but it is almost certain that Xperia X, XZ and XA will get the latest update.

I hope that I have been able to give everything you need to know about the new version of the system and waiting for any other information to be shared with you as soon as it is released.

Share your opinions and what you see in the new system in the comments section below, and do not forget to mention what you wish to be in the final version of it, your contributions are the basis of all the features that exist in all new systems.



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