Apple is slowly working on improving the availability of its music streaming service, Apple Music. Besides being available on iOS devices, Apple is as of recently aiming Amazon’s products as well. Firstly, Apple Music was launched on Amazon’s smart speaker Echo in US, and now it is expanding to the Fire TV allowing users to ask the TV to play their favorite from this streaming service in particular.

In order to access the new feature of Fire TV and use Apple’s music streaming service, users must first enable Apple Music skill which can be done through the Alexa app. After that is done, all you need to do is say the regular command “Alexa, play (playlist/artist/song) on Apple Music” or similar. Those who have Amazon Fire TV Cube will also be able to play music throughout the house or apartment as the Cube allows multi-room audio output.

Even though this step improves the relationship between Amazon and Apple, it does not seem like Apple Music is completely adjusted for Fire TV yet. It is able to work and execute tasks but the music videos might not be accessible on the TV.

Besides this, Apple will also add the music streaming service to Echo smart speakers in more countries besides the US, the first one being the United Kingdom in the upcoming weeks.

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