1. There is already a plethora of noise-cancelling headphones available but only a few actually stand out in terms of offering total isolation form background.
  1. One such example is the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 – it offers three levels of noise isolation and even features memory foam that meant that it has one of the most comfortable headphones we’ve tested in a while.
  1. The ANC9 comes in a standard headphone design, but the difference is that Audio-Technica placed memory foam on each of the ear cups.
  1. It also comes with a padded headband that makes even easy to wear for long periods of time.
  1. There is a single button on the left ear cup that controls the noise-cancelling functions of the headphones.
  1. As mentioned, the ANC9 has three levels of noise-cancellation: Airplane, Office and Study modes.
  1. The ANC9 can cut the background noise by 95 percent at 200 Hz in Airplane mode, 95 percent at 300 Hz in Office mode and 85 percent at 200 Hz on Study mode.
  1. There are two microphones on each ear cups that is used to create the noise cancellation effect. But with most headphones in the category, it usually requires power which in this case, an AAA battery.
  1. While it’s a convenient way to replace the power, it would have been preferable to use a rechargeable battery, but that of course could raise the price.
  1. The ANC9 connect via the usual 3.5 mm audio cable, which is compatible with every audio device. Additionally, the package includes a 6.3 mm adapter along with another adapter used for airplanes.
  1. The ANC9 excels on almost all levels of noise cancellation, and it perfectly blocks out noise on every mode I have tested it on.
  1. Bass is deep and mid-range tunes are spot on. It’s one of those headphones that showcase another detail in sound that you wouldn’t expect.
  1. But remember that all of these awesome features will work when noise cancellation is on. When it is off, the headphones can still work in ‘passive’ mode but of course doesn’t have the same sound fidelity offered when the power is on.
  1. The ANC9 is one of the best noise-cancelling headphones we’ve tested and also has comfortable fit. We only wish it came with rechargeable batteries.



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