AVID HIFI added the limited edition Acutus Dark turntable

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AVID HIFI, company popular through its array of high-end turntables, is adding another product to their turntable collection. They are adding a new design of one of their most famous turntables, Acutus (SP), with a couple of small differences while most of the other characteristics stayed the same. The biggest change of them is the matte black finish of the Acutus Dark turntable, which was shown at the High-End Show in Munich, Germany earlier this year.

Most features of the Acutus Dark turntable are the same as the original Acutus (SP). The new Acutus Dark turntable has a three-point suspension system that is fully adjustable and improves the isolation of different potential outside interferences and really fine-tunes the audio. This turntable also features AVID’s way of dealing with excess vibrations and energy, the single point thrust bearing, which makes the stylus caused vibrations to be transmitted into the sub-chassis instead of being absorbed by the platter itself. Moreover, you can also adjust this system on your own.

avid hifi acutus dark turntable

Furthermore, other things in common are including the weight of the Acutus Dark turntable. Out of approximately 20kg, half of the weight is of the metal platter. What drives the platter is the handmade motor together with the power supply with the recently incorporated DSP signal, using a twin belt system and together bringing perfect pitch as well as stability to the sound.

AVID HIFI made only 100 pieces of their limited edition Acutus Dark turntable and has set a recommended retail price of around $13,250 per piece.

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