Best streaming devices you can buy now

Best streaming devices

With the holiday season coming up, many are thinking of getting a new streaming video player to spend the break in watching movies and binge watching TV shows. Yet, you’re not sure which is the Best streaming devices. Here is a complete list of the best streaming video players we think are worth your money.

The Best streaming devices For Your Buck: Roku Premiere

Best streaming devices

Coming at $40 the Roku Premiere is hard to beat when you consider how much this little box offers. It has the most apps of any streaming device, supports both 4K and HDR, and is much easier to navigate than most of the competition.

The main competition for the Roku Premiere is the Amazon Fire Stick, which when compared with Roku, pales a little. Roku offers a proper YouTube app, Walmart’s Vudu and a wide selection of 4K HDR films. You can also forget about all the ads because unlike Amazon, Roku has no agenda to promote. You will not find it promoting any original content which can be heavy handed on Amazon devices.

But it’s not all good, as there are some cons with the Roku Premiere. For one, it does not support Dolby Vision and its IR remote requires a line of sight and lacks voice support, power and volume controls. While the device supports 4K HDR video, it does not support 5GHz WiFi networks, which can be a problem for some. You can purchase the Roku Premiere on Amazon for $40 right now.

The Luxury Option: Apple TV 4K

Best streaming devices

Selling at $179, the Apple TV is on a different price level than the competition. But if you are into the Apple luxury life, and willing to spend the money on it then this is the most refined experience on the market.

The Apple TV is the full package, it does it all. It supports 4K, HDR10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. All of this supported by the Apple iTunes store, which houses many apps that will allow you to take full advantage of such a premium product. The one thing is that while there is a dedicated YouTube app, YouTube videos will not play in 4K because Apple does not support Google’s video codec. But aside from that the Apple TV is the full package. However, if you want to take full advantage of it, you will need a high end TV that supports the device’s features. Whether it is worth the $120 price difference is up for debate, and this remains a product for those who are immersed into the Apple ecosystem.

Amazon Fire TV Cube and Stick 4K:

Best streaming devices

While the options above can satisfy many, if you have an Alexa, you might want to consider the Fire TV Cube or Stick. The Fire Stick 4K supports Dolby Vision, Atmos, HDR10+ and HDR10 for $50 only. In the latest edition, the remote can now power the TV on and off, control volume and change channels. But if you go with this option you will have to bear Amazon’s shameless self promotion. But with the Alexa support, this is a great option. The Fire TV Cube is also a great option if you do not have an Alexa, as it comes included as it also supports 4K HDR. The voice detection works surprisingly well, even while the device is playing music or video. The downside is that it does not include an HDMI cable and still does not offer any Dolby Atmos content or a proper YouTube App. You can purchase the Amazon Fire TV Cube from Amazon at $100. You can also purchase the Amazon Fire TV Stick at Samma3a store.

Best streaming devices

The Budget Option: Google Chromecast (2018)

Best streaming devices

The new Chromecast offers a new polished design that resists dust and scratches, and it can now play 1080p content at 60 fps. Its performance is smooth and fast, but it does not offer you the comfort of having a remot, as you will still need to use your phone or laptop to stream content. However, it offers Google Assistant support which can appeal to some. Coming at $35, the Chromecast is a very appealing option. You can pick it up at Samma3a Store right now.

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