Blue Launches its first planar magnetic headphones

Blue Ella headphones

Blue is one of the most famous high-end sound kits manufacturer in the world has announced it’s new pair of headphones called “Ella” featured planar magnetic technology.

The Planar-magnetic headphones use thin circuit to create sound instead of the moving diaphram, but this technology will cost more money for sure, even so the Blue’s latest Headphones still the cheapest of their kind to feature planar magnetic technology, and it will cost 700$.

Ella also include 250mW built-in amplifier that can be toggled between on and of and third mode called “on+” which will boost the amp to 63HZ, it also come with 12 hours last battery could be charged in only 3 hours.

Beside Ella, Blue has launched another pair of headphones called “Sadie” it come with 50mm dynamic drivers and built-in amplifier, and it will cost only 400$.

The company offers the new headphones with redesigned headband “inspired by the finely tuned suspension of Formula 1 race-cars” Blue says, the new headband will fit your ears perfectly.

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