BOSE announces its acquisition of Hush Technology

BOSE Acquires Hush Technology for better sleeping solutions

BOSE, founded in 1964 by Amar Bose, has acquired Hush Technology in a deal that will make the first a bigger competitor to the major manufacturers of sound and speaker equipment such as Sony and Sennheiser.

Bose acquisition of Hush Technology

Hush is an American company founded by three people, including Daniel Chesong Lee and Daniel Ewok Lee, along with Prashant Kantak, when they did a research which they founded from that it was one in every four American couples who ended up sleeping in separate rooms because of snoring and apartment dwellrs often call the police for the inconvenience caused by their neighbours.

So three young engineers met with a number of highly qualified counsellors to finally bring one of the most important products to the market to overcome the sleep disturbance crisis.

There was a contact between BOSE® and Hush Technology last year, as they both had a similar vision to eventually work together to produce the latest Bose products, BOSE® Noise-Masking Sleepbuds.

More recently, on the 8th of this month, BOSE was announced to acquire Hush Technology to begin work on a new product called “Health and Wellness Audio”.

The deal was announced through a newsletter sent by Hush founder and CEO Daniel “Ewok” to announce the acquisition.

Some huge news to share – we’ve been acquired by Bose Corporation!

While Ewok did not announce the size of the deal or price Bose had taken over Hush, nor did he respond to the email sent to him by Xconomy for more information on the details of the deal so far.

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Ewok added in the newsletter:

“Sorry for the complete radio silence for the past year. Wish we could have shared the news about joining Bose earlier (believe us that we wanted to!), but Bose naturally wanted to keep this info “hush hush” until the right time. You can no longer buy the Hush product, as we have a dramatically improved new product in its place: Bose noise-masking sleepbuds™.”

A video clip has been made -shared with you above- in which Liz Dylewicz, product manager at Bose explains and introduce the prototype of the new and awaited product, Sleepbuds, which they intend to protect sleeping people from annoying and distorted sounds with.

This acquisition is very important in a move never done before by Bose and it started to work to rest the sleepers through the speakers to less the 1 in four couple percentage found in the research by the founders of Hush Technology.

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