Sol Republic and JBL has announced at CES 2019 addition of several new headphones to their lines of products, but so did TCL, the brand usually known for its budget TVs. The four new TCL headphones series target many different groups of users, from true audiophiles to millennials. Besides February 1st when the ELIT line gets released, other series will be ready by summer 2019.

SOCL headphones series are created with vibrant design among the top priorities. With the ergonomic design of the oval earbuds, these in-ear headphones provide stereo sound and immersive listening experience. They come in a variety of fun colors including purple, blue and red, as well as a classic black option, with $10 price tag.

TCL headphones SOCL series

Following is the MTRO headphones series that will feature both in-ear and over-the-ear wireless headphone models. Designed to deliver big beats and sound with powerful bass on the go, they provide a comfortable and immersive listening experience. Both over the ears and in ears option comes in a variety of colors to choose from with the price varying from $30 to $50. TCL headphones MTRO series

ACTV headphones series is intended for those with a more active lifestyle that involves a lot of workouts and movement. Designed to securely stay in the ear, these headphones come with an adjustable cable so that it does not move around a lot and bother the listener. The line has two pairs, first one being $20, while the second one is $40 but offers water and sweat resistance.

TCL headphones ACTV series

The last series from the new TCL headphones is the ELIT headphones series. Having a convenient and compact design, it is intended for travelers which can also be seen through other features such as noise cancellation technology and long battery life, alongside hi-res sound. The four headphone models included are priced between $25 and $80, coming in black or white color option.

TCL headphones ELIT series

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