EPIX NOW IS A New Streaming Service In The Market


The content streaming market is expanding dramatically in our time. With services like Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix who is leading the market. The competition is quite high. However, more companies are still joining the race with streaming service coming from Apple, Disney, and Warner Bros later this year. But there is a new streaming service that came out of the blue. The premium TV network owned by Metro Goldwyn Mayer, EPIX announced that it would be joining the streaming services market with its new service EPIX NOW which will allow users to enjoy watching anything in their online library of movies and originals for a low monthly subscription.

EPIX NOW will offer the same movies and originals that you can find on EPIX network but the difference here that users won’t need to sign up to this service through a TV provider as before. So it will provide a really cheap solution for cord cutters who want to give up on their TV packages that they don’t get all the benefit out of.   

As the company announced on their website, EPIX NOW will include Original Series, 1000s of Movies, and 4K Ultra HD Streaming. In case users are not satisfied with this big library, EPIX NOW will also offer users the ability to watch its four online channels on selected TV devices. Users will also be able to download movies and TV shows so they can watch it offline in case of travel.

The new streaming service is already available on Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV. The service is coming soon to Roku devices and Amazon’s Fire TV platform.

The monthly subscription for EPIX NOW is $5.99. You can sign up now if you have any of the compatible device mentioned above and join the cord-cutting movement. It’s a really low price for a streaming service but at the same time service like Netflix can offer a much bigger library for a small increase in price.

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