Back in September of last year, Fiio released the FW1.0.3 software update for their latest flagship DAP – the X7 Mark II. Recently, FW1.0.4 was released to address a few bugs and add some new features.


Under the hood of FW1.0.4

According to Fiio, FW1.0.4 brings the following changes and additions as compared to FW1.0.3 :

1. Added function to jump to the album or artist of the current playing track (click the “…” icon in the Now Playing menu to use this function);
2. Added “Bluetooth never sleep” option (go to Settings->Bluetooth, click the “┇” icon on the upper right, and enter “Sleep Settings” to enable it);
3. Enabled the independent upgrade of FiiO Music app (From now on, we will upgrade FiiO Music app independently);
4. Added charging protection for excessive high or low temperatures;
5. Fixed issue where some tracks might not be played correctly;
6. Fixed issue where the player sometimes might falsely detect an OTA firmware update;
7. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

About the Sleep settings of Bluetooth: When the “Intelligent sleep” option is enabled, the player will automatically disconnect the Bluetooth after it enters standby, and you’ll need to press the Power button to wake up the player before resuming to play; When the “Never” option is enabled, the player will never enter standby if it’s connected to a Bluetooth device, and you can press the Play button on the Bluetooth device at any time to resume the playback. But this will also increase power consumption.

What seems interesting is point 3. By separating the actual app from the device’s entire firmware, maybe, just maybe, this suggests that Fiio is gearing up to release their music player app on the Google Play Store.


Get the Update

In order to get the update, you’ll need to visit the X7MKII support page and download FW1.0.4 from the “Download” section at the bottom right of the page.
Instructions on how to perform a firmware upgrade can be found here.

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