Well, well, well, the first 2 weeks of February 2018 has proven to be quite a run in terms of software updates.
First, Fiio issued an update for the X3 Mark III, and then came a mass-release of updates for ALL of their Android-based players. Shortly after, Shanling released updates for their M1, M2s, and M3s players too!
Last, but not least, is Fiio’s X1 2nd Gen. The X1 2nd Gen has had a few software issues from the get-go, but, to Fiio’s credit, they have been getting the fixes out there. The previous firmware upgrade (FW1.6.6) was released almost exactly 3 months prior to the new FW1.7.2 version.
The X1 2nd Gen has been out for nearly 18 months now, so a newer model is probably just around the corner too. Still, even if a new model is imminent, it’s great to see Fiio still releasing firmware updates for the current model. Let’s see what FW1.7.2 entails.


What’s New In The Update?

According to Fiio, the following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.7.2 compared to FW1.6.6:
1. Added Italian language support;
2. Added option to adjust the sensitivity of the scroll wheel (System settings->Rotary sensitivity);
3. Fixed issue where the player might crash with black screen after certain operations or playing certain tracks;
4. Fixed issue where the player might not return in correct path after pressing the Return button while in a playlist;
5. Fixed issue where the scroll wheel prompt tone would not work after entering the “Update Media lib” menu;
6. Improved the support of 16-bit WMA lossless tracks;
7. Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Get The Update

You can download the FW1.7.2 firmware upgrade file directly from this link.

And, should this be your first time performing a software update, instructions on how to do so can be found here.

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