FiiO X5 3rd Generation is launched in FiiO Winter event: It looks very promissing

FiiO X5 3rd Generation

The market of Portable high res Players are getting more furious indeed, new DAC chips, better looks, improved batteries, more memories, strong operating system….

FiiO used to introduce a lot of big improvements and innovative products in there lauching event as the last event: 2016 Guangzhou HiFi Headphone & Digital Audio Expo, they launched 9 new promising products. So in today FiiO Winter 2016 event (2016 at Sheraton Grand Beijing Dongcheng Hotel )  they did the same with announcing the new FiiO X5 3rd Generation Player.

The new FiiO X5 3rd generation is set to raise the bar so high for the DAP market Specially with what mostly will be the selling price of arround USD 399.

FiiO Started ling back with the first high res DAP by the company: the X3 which sky rock the brand of FiiO very fast in High res music market, then they follow with the first generation of the X5 introducing the wheel contrl for the first time, throw th past years FiiO expnaded there Dap range by the x1, X3 2nd Generation, X5 snd generation, M3, X7 as first android base bluetooth Dap by the company and lastly by X1 2nd gen.

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Getting Back to the New X5 3rd Generation: FiiO announce that it will have the Dual Dac Chip: AK4490 which the same chip used in Astlee and Kern Ak380 at much lower price category.

In terms of storage capability, the X5 3rd gen will include 32 Gb internal memory and a daul SD card slots up to 256 GB each. so memory will be no issue in 544 GB in total.

FiiO understand the important of connectivity in the changing DAP market so the new x5 3rd gen will have bluetooth Aptx Technology, Wifi Suport and 3.5 mm /2.5 mm balanced input. The player User experience will be indulged by 4 inch touch screen, upgraded Android 5.1 operating system allowing an android mode and Musci mode to be switch smoothly, and full new UI for best and fast control of all uspect of the DAP, third part apps will be allowed in the new DAP.

One of the best aspect of FiiO Products that they kept over the year and it seems to be there in the new FiiO X5 3rd gen: Is the durable and rigid built, X5 3rd include all CNCed chassis body, a storng volume knob, a concealled micro SD card design adpoting the advanced powder metalgrey technology from mobile industry.

FiiO X5 3rd Generation

FiiO X5 3rd Generation


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USB output is finally been adopted by FiiO with the new X5 3rd Generation, so for some audiophile who want to try different DAC processing with the FiiO X5 3rd as a source, your request has been met. X5 3rd is claimd to work for full 10 hours by its new 3400 mah battery, and include the fast charging upgrades as 5 minuts of charging will allow you to have a 1 hours of music play when you are in rush.

FiiO X5 3rd Generation What is in the box:

  • FiiO X5 #rd Generation.
  • Fast charge adapter.
  • Chrging Cable.
  • X5 leather case.
  • Screen protector.
  • Clear protective Case.

FiiO X5 3rd Generation

FiiO X5 3rd Generation

The new FiiO X5 3rd Gen will be compatibly with other FiiO Accessories such as the FiiO Bluetooth Remote the RM1 for hand free use on the car or at home, and FiiO Charging dock DK1. FiiO K5 Docking Amplifier, and the new FiiO A5 Amplifier.

FiiO X5 3rd will be available in three clors options as it seems: Black , Silver, and red. It will be launched as first oth in the Chinees Market on the 19th of December 2016 to follow in international within 1-2 month.

FiiO X5 3rd Generation

Expected release time: Dec 2016.

Expected price: Arround USD 399.

For All Options you can check samma3a FiiO Products Shop.



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