Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition announced at last, but the system requirements might scare you away

Final Fantasy XV

It’s been a long wait for Final Fantasy lovers on PC for the latest installment to come to their preferred device. Despite being hopeful for a PC version at launch, Final Fantasy XV stayed as a console exclusive on PS4 and Xbox One for several months ever since it released last year. However, All is not lost for PC gamers, as Square Enix announced the anticipated version at last.

Collaborating with NVIDIA, Square Enix is presenting PC owners the chance to relive the world of Final Fantasy XV in never seen before level of graphical fidelity through Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, which is set to be the definitive edition of the game with updated visuals, all Season Pass contents included, and support for mods.

The PC release comes packed with NVIDIA Flow, Hairworks, ShadowWorks, Turf Effects and VXAO graphics options, adding a whole other level of realism to the world of Final Fantasy XV. The game also has support for Ansel 360 photography program and ShadowPlay Highlights, allowing you to capture the best highlights of your adventure.

Gameplay-wise, Square Enix is adding a First Person mode where you can experience the epic journey through the eyes of Noctis directly. You can switch between Third Person and First Person perspectives just like other well-known games on PC like Skyrim and Fallout.

That’s all great, but what exactly will you need to run this latest addition to the franchise on PC? Well, The leaked specs don’t look that encouraging unless you own a very high end PC. To play Final Fantasy XV the way it should be you will need a GTX 1080TI GPU, Intel’s i7 or AMD’s Ryzen 1700 CPu, and a whopping 170 GB of free space on your storage drive. We still don’t know how well will the game scale down on lower end PCs, so we’ll wait for Square Enix official word on that.

Until then, you can watch the amazing first trailer below. Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition comes to Windows Store and Steam early 2018.

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