HiFiMan Sundara planer headphones are designed for your everyday use

HiFiMan Sundara

The Chinese headphone giant HiFiMan recently released the new Sundara planar-magnetic headphones. Those headphones are designed for everyday use coming at a lower price and a hybrid design that makes it perfect for casual users who look for better sound quality. The planar-magnetic design means the sound produced by these headphones gives a “more detailed sonic signature than headphones costing significantly more”.

Planar-magnetic headphones are usually marketed towards audiophiles and professional musicians for use in studios, and that’s the case for most other HiFiMan planar-magnetic headphones. The Sundara however is marketed for casual users, with a fashionable design and a lower price compared to other planar-magnetic headphones.

In terms of design, the Sundara comes with a hybrid headband that allows for longer usage without putting pressure on the ears, the headphones are made from aluminum finished in matte black, and it’s really stylish. The name “Sundara” means “beautiful” and it fits it perfectly.

The proprietary diaphragm used in the Sundara is 80% thinner than the one used in the companies Top Pick HE-400 headphones, this allows the headphones to respond to a wide range of frequencies from 6 Hz up to 75 kHz. You can use the headphone with a huge number of sound sources as the use a 3.5mm cable.

The Sundara weights 372g and it’s available in matte black, and costs around 500$. you can learn more about these new headphones from the HiFiMan official site you can order these headphones now from Samma3a Store.

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