Have you ever wanted to access your PC from somewhere else? Maybe you have seen it in movies and on TV but you never thought that you can do it yourself. But if you think about it for a bit, in 2019, with all the technology that we have right now, it seems easy for users to access their computer from another device. Well, we are here to tell you that you can do it. In fact, it’s really simple. Microsoft Remote Desktop tool lets you access one PC from another one, and if you download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app for Android and iOS, you can access your PC using your smartphone or tablet. Here’s how to access Windows from your Phone.

First, you need to make sure your Windows computer is set up for remote access. To do this, open Control Panel. In the search field in the upper-right type the word remote. From the search results, click on the link for “Allow remote access to your computer.” At the Remote tab for the System Properties window, make sure the option to “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer” is enabled.

Access your PC on iOS

In order to access your PC on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. First, you need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store. Launch the app and follow the steps:

  1. Press on the + symbol to add a new device, a new window will show up asking you to choose the type of the device. Tap on the option “Desktop”.
  2. A new window will show up, asking you to enter the name of the IP address of the PC you want to access.
  3. In order to get the name of your PC, open Control Panel. In the search box in the upper-right corner, type “computer name”. From the search result, click on the option “See the name of this computer” where you can find the name of your computer. Another way to get the name of your PC is from the System Properties windows that we used to allow remote access to the computer earlier.
  4. To get the IP address of your PC, you need to open a command prompt that you can get to from the search box in the Start menu. In the command prompt, type “ipconfig” and press enter. You can find the IP address listed next to IPv4.
  5. Back to the Remote Desktop app, after you fill in your PC name, you have to choose the user, which is your Microsoft account that you are using on your PC.
  6. The next tab is “Additional Options”, here you can choose a “Friendly Name” for the connection, choose whether to play the sound from the PC or your other device among other options.

how to access Windows from your Phone7. Once you’re done with the “Additional Options”, tap “Save Link”.

8. Now tap on the icon of the new connection you just sat up, and wait until the connection is established.

9. You’re good to go, now you can open apps, control your PC from your Apple device.


Access your PC on Android

Remote Desktop for Android works the same as on iOS. First, you have to download the app from Google Play Store, then launch it. Then follow the same steps that we mentioned above for the iOS version of the app. First, enter your computer name, then choose the account you want to access. Finish all the additional settings and you’re good to go. Tap on the icon of your new connection to access your PC from your Android device.

On both versions of the app, you can tap on the keyboard icon on the top toolbar to access the on-screen keyboard, or you can tap on the hamburger icon to display the sidebars. You can also tap on the “Mouse Pointer” icon to display and use the mouse pointer.

If you want to end the remote session and disconnect your PC, you can tap on “End Session” on the iOS app, or tap the “X” icon on the Android one.

You’re seet to go. Now you can access your PC from any mobile devic you have and control everything.

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