Hulu, one of the top video streaming service for your favorite TV shows and movies, is trying to get around Netflix, one of its biggest competitors at the moment. The first move was lowering the prices of its ad-supported plan soon after Netflix had to increase the prices of its own subscription plans. Now, Hulu and Spotify partnered providing you with a  free Hulu through Spotify Premium subscription.

A year ago, Spotify and Hulu offered a Premium bundle for $12.99 per month. Now, effective immediately, you get both music and video subscription service for the price of Spotify Premium subscription $9.99 per month, making Hulu completely free. This bundle would offer millions of songs without ads and even offline, as well as unlimited access to Hulu streaming library of series, movies, and Hulu Originals.

Unfortunately, this deal comes under certain conditions, first being that it is currently available only on the territory of US. Moreover, only new subscribers will be able to get this deal meaning if you already have Spotify Premium, you will not be getting Hulu that easily.  But, those who have subscribed to the last years $12.99 deal will automatically be switched to the new offer.

The offer for Hulu and Spotify is available only if you subscribe until June 2019 after which the offer will be permanent as long as you keep you Spotify Premium subscription. The ordinary price for Hulu is $5.99 with a free month of trial in case you are already using another music streaming service.

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