HyperX is one more company at CES 2019. The company has announced a list of new products the will be released in the following months. The new list included new gaming headsets, microphones, keyboards and more. The biggest name in HyperX’s announcement is the HyperX Cloud Orbit and Orbit S gaming headphones.

HyperX has partnered with Audeze to design and produce the new headphones. The new HyperX Cloud Orbit models are based on the Audeze Mobius with some small changes that make them more affordable.

Just like in the Audeze Mobius, the Cloud Orbits have a 100mm planar magnetic drivers that would offer us a really good sound quality. Although all headphones are going wireless, HyperX decided to keep the wire, and when ordering the new headphones you will get the chance to choose between three cables in the box, USB-A for your gaming PC. USB-C for newer smartphones and gaming laptops, or a 3.5mm analog that you can plug into your smartphone.

HyperX Cloud Orbit SThe microphone in both models can be detached in case you are not using it. So far there is no difference between the two models. The only difference is that the Cloud Orbit S has the Waves Nx head-tracking technology that we can find only in the Mobius.

The HyperX Cloud Orbit will cost only $300, while the Cloud Orbit S will be only for $330 which makes both headphones cheaper than the Audeze Mobius that comes for $400. HyperX said that both models will be available in the next few months.

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