How to improve your TV sound experience

How to improve your TV sound experience

TV speakers are usually not as quality, however different the quality of the TV, especially for those who like to watch movies in a cinematic atmosphere. I will present a series of ideas and suggestions to make the viewing and listening experience the best experience. Possible, taking into account the possibility of doing it as well.

Add a Soundbar

How to improve your TV sound experienceOne of the best solutions for lovers to take advantage of the largest amount of space while maintaining the overall shape of the place is to add Soundbar or Soundbase.

Most audio tapes or Soundbar are suitable for being placed in front of the TV on the table or under the suspended TV, including the long ones such as Dali Kubic One or Yamaha YSP-5600 and you will find other types suitable for the area where you want to put the tape knowing that it does not disturb the IR signal Which you use to give commands to your TV.

You can also put it vertically next to the television, which gives a very elegant appearance and of course the greater the size of the Soundbar with a few other factors, the better sound quality.

World’s first hi-res soundbar: The Bluesound Pulse

One of the best soundbars is Dali £ 800, the most suitable for price and quality is Q Acoustics Media 4 and Canton DM55, which are available for about £ 330.

They also cost up to £ 1500, such as the Sony ST-HT5000, which offers many HDMI connections, and there is other soundbars that include Spotify and Tidal streaming; like Sonos Playbase, available at £ 700.

Wireless Desktop Speakers

كيفية تحسين التجربة السمعية في جهاز التلفازOne of the best options because of its low price compared to other suggestions are wireless desktops.

These speakers are usually small in size, easy to navigate and store in addition to their designs that do not spoil the viewing experience and overall look of your home theater.

All you need is to remember to have a relatively long wire so you can put each earphone on one side of the television in a relaxed way.

One of the speakers that does not need this step is JBL Control X Wireless.

But when we talk about the best speakers, then we will talk about the Rurak Audio MR1 MK2s, available for about £ 330.

These speakers differ in their capabilities. Some can be controlled via a remote control, including a screen for data display, etc. But remember to put the audio quality first above all else. who needs a data display with poor sound quality that corrupts Fun viewing?

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Wireless headphones

How to improve your TV sound experienceOne of the options I personally prefer because of its ability to isolate you from all around you no matter how loud it is around you is headphones.

With a wireless headset you can have a great viewing experience without having to stay close to the TV and without disturbing anyone around you if the sound of your room reaches them.

You can also get wired headphones but do not buy less than three meters in length to be as free as possible or you can get a Cable Extender, which enables you to lengthen the wire while maintaining the quality of sound delivered to your ears.

Some TV manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and others provide a pair of speakers that come with the TV and are fully compatible, whether wired or wireless to be able to connect the headphone to the TV without having to experience what you will buy and test its compatibility with your TV.

The designs, colors and quality of the headphones vary, of course. Speaking of quality, we cannot overlook the award-winning Sony MDR-100X, the B & W P7 Wireless and of course you have the freedom to choose otherwise.

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Use your Hi-Fi system

How to improve your TV sound experienceYou may be one of those very fond of entertainment and have your own stereo system purchased in advance, do not feel losing money, you can easily connect your system to the TV for a great watching experience.

If you have not purchased a system yet, I’m suggesting you to buy the award-winning Cambridge CXA60, which gives you great sound quality with multiple inputs to connect your TV to it.

If you have an analog system such as Rega Brio for £ 600, you can use the RCA inputs to connect it to the TV, just make sure before you buy the TV that it has analog inputs that may not be available in modern TVs due to HDMI and others providing high quality sound and image.

Here are some simple suggestions to get a great audio experience by adding one of the available earphones that do not spoil the overall look of your home theater. You have the freedom to choose between any of them according to many factors, of course the amount of money you offer to buy these The speakers and the sound quality of each of them are the most important, and certainly which is suitable for placement without compromising your personal office, the capabilities, and the features it offers.



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