MEE Audio showcases three products at IFA this year

MEE Audio

Audio giants are taking the chance at IFA Berlin this year to show off with the best products and concepts they have, and MEE Audio is not going to be left out from this party; showcasing three of their best products, the Pinnacle P2, around-the-neck N1, and the Connect Bluetooth wireless headphone system.

Pinnacle P2 – audiophile quality with a reasonable price

The Pinnacle P2 is the updated version of MEE Audio’s miraculous low price in-ear monitors the Pinnacle P1. the P2 design allows users to wear it in two different ways, wire-up or wire-down, it also provides sound isolation and a comfortable design that allows users to wear it for long sessions without stressing the ear. The price is also very compelling compared to other IEM in the market.

The Pinnacle P2 is built using high-quality materials, the out of the box cable features a reinforced TPE jacket over oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors, and it’s also replaceable. Each earpiece features a 10mm advanced moving coil transducer with a new low-impedance voice coil.

The Pinnacle P2 is priced as low as 100$, and it also comes packed with:

  • High-performance OFC audio cable with inline microphone and remote
  • Comply T-200 memory foam ear-tips
  • Silicone ear-tips (6 pairs)
  • Zippered carrying case
  • Shirt clip

N1 Bluetooth wireless neckband in-ear headphones

The N1 comes with a wireless around-the-neck design that’s convenient for both active and daily usage. the earpieces are designed in a way that doesn’t stress the ear even after long listening sessions, the N1’s lightweight design makes it perfect to use on the go, the simple design of the neckband makes the headphones usable both indoors or outside without drawing unwanted attention. the magnets on the back of each earpiece make the two earpieces stick together while not in use, this stops any unwanted movements and eliminates the fear of losing the headphones or getting the cables tangled.

The right side of the neckband features a remote with buttons to control the volume and music playback. The headphones also feature a built-in omnidirectional microphone. the advanced 10mm drivers produce crisp and engaging enhanced-bass sound perfectly suited for music, movies, games, and phone calls.

The battery is said to last for 8 hours while in use, it also provides 180 hours of standby time, and can be charged up to 100% in two hours. It can be connected to all sorts of portable devices using Bluetooth 4.0 connection, which also allows it to connect to two different devices simultaneously.

the N1 is available for order from the MEE Audio official website for around 50$.

Connect Bluetooth wireless headphone system – using wireless headphones with TVs is 100% easier

The Connect Bluetooth wireless system allows users to connect wireless headphones and speakers to TVs that don’t support wireless devices. as this device allows the TV or any other audio source to send audio signals over Bluetooth to two different wireless speakers or headphones. The Connect comes packed with a Matrix3 wireless headphone.

Connect allows users to get high-quality audio from TVs and other audio sources delivered to headphones and speakers with very low latency and distortion, that’s achievable by connecting the transceiver to the audio source directly using 3.5mm connectors, RCA connectors, or TOSLINK optical connectors.

The Matrix3 headphones provided in the Connect package is fully compatible with the transceiver and provides a very comfortable experience, featuring memory foam earpads that give users hours of continuous use without any stress. it’s also capable of delivering sound with very low latency. The Matrix3 also features a built-in microphone and playback controls which make it perfectly suitable for use with mobile devices.

You can grab the Connect System from the official MEE Audio website for around 180$.

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