Best Music games you can play on your smartphone

music games

It’s always fun to listen to good music and to interact with the rhythm. As a result of that, music games are considered to be the most popular and most entertaining on smartphones. Music games need you to focus more and more with the music, which makes you enjoy it way more, while you are playing these games, you will start to have a special connection between you and one of the tracks, we can say that Geometry Dash is a great example for those kinds of games.

In this article, we will introduce you to five music games that you can play on your smartphone.


1. Dancing Line

Dancing Line includes more than 10 levels each one of them harder than the one before, the game is really simple, all you have to do is to direct an indefinite line on the road by touching the screen, each touch makes the line to turn according to the track, those turns interact amazingly with the music of each level.

Developed by CheetahMobile, Dancing Line is considered to be one of the best music games in 2017. One of the things that make Dancing Line special from other music games is the journey that you would have with the line, including a lot of beautiful views related to the music.

For example, once you finish The Savanna level, you will feel that you just spent a sort exciting safari trip. The game has a limited amount of tries, once you finish your 15 tries, you would have to wait a bit to get more chances to try, you will get a new try every 2 minutes.

Maybe you will feel more serious about each try because you have to wait to get the next one. However, when you get used to the game, you wouldn’t mind the 2 minutes, because you will spend more than 2 minutes playing before you lose.

You can buy new costumes by collecting the diamonds, also you will receive a lot of gift boxes from the game. Download the game and start your adventure.

You can download Dancing line for Android and iPhone.



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