Shure has announced at CES 2019 their latest kit that will make vlogging, podcasting or similar recording using smartphones much easier. The new MV88+ Video Kit is similar to its predecessor, MV88 iPhone microphone when it comes to the digital condenser mic, but comes with additional useful accessories.

MV88+ Video Kit is designed to be portable audio and video recording kit that can be easily set up and used on the go. It even comes with a bag that can store all of the parts in one place. The device, unlike the previous MV88, is not only compatible with iPhones but is also expected to be working with Android smartphones.

shure mv88+ video kit

The Pixi tripod is made out of metal and can work as a stabilizer when the devices is put on a flat surface, or as a handle that is ergonomically designed to fit the hand comfortably, carrying the microphone and the phone away from the user. The biggest difference from the previous model is in the microphone size which involves a quality improvement as well.

Shure’s new video kit is intended for those who take vlogging a bit more seriously when it comes to audio quality of the videos. The MV88+ Video Kit is available for preorder right now for $249 and it includes a microphone, tripod, phone clamp, and shoe-mount, as well as USB-C or lightning cables.

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