NAMM 2017’s top 6 musical instruments and tools

NAMM 2017's top 6 musical instruments and tools

NAMM show 2017 has been finished last week. It was predicted that many new innovations would be revealed in this show and that’s exactly what we got.

Organizers estimated the attendants to reach more than 100 thousand visitors and more than 1600 exhibitors all came to show and view music related products and tools like 3D printed violins and VR supporting music kits.

As Roger Eton, the chief marketing director at Yamaha said the products exhibited this year can make even children have an interest in music.

The public is usually never allowed inside the show but NAMM organizers made a live feed to show and test some of the interesting tools and instruments that will be displayed later in the show, which included:

1- 3Dvarius:

NAMM 2017's top 6 musical instruments and tools
Designed by the violinist and mechanical engineer Laurent Bernadac, as a new type of high-class violin, this instrument is made completely using 3D printing technologies instead of usual wood and aluminum. The new violin looks pretty modern and fashionable and is noticeably light-weighted. Laurent claims that this violin sounds just like any other electrical violin and that the price will be somewhere around 7000$.

2- virtual music room:

NAMM 2017's top 6 musical instruments and tools

After revealing the Oculus Rift controlled virtual drum kit last year with the name Aerodrums, Chroma Coda takes a huge step forward revealing a new virtual music room that can be accessed by a VR headset and a supporting product. Musicians will be able to create their virtual drum kits in this room and then use it.

Loki Davison, Croma Coda’s director announced that the software will only cost 129$ while the computer, software, and headset altogether will cost about 1300$.

3- Silent Guitar:

NAMM 2017's top 6 musical instruments and tools
One of the newest innovations of Yamaha, a guitar named SLG200N that allows musicians to play their music without annoying others with loud noises. This silent guitar has a minimalist design that differs from classic guitars, it also comes with a headset jack and can be connected to a smartphone to control volume levels and other features, it will cost around 630$.

4- GearSecure:

NAMM 2017's top 6 musical instruments and tools
This “instrument bodyguard” uses Bluetooth, RFID, UHS and GPS technologies to help musicians track and locate their instruments if lost or stolen, where musicians place a small device inside the instrument then connect the tracking device with a mobile application allowing them to trace the instrument wherever it goes, the device will be available in markets next year as the company announced.

5- Fender Guitar:

NAMM 2017's top 6 musical instruments and toolsThis new addition to the Paramount musical guitar series will give a warmer tone for musicians, singers, and songwriters who look for better sound quality, as Billy Martinez, a vice president in the acoustic divisions at Fender said, the guitar will cost more than 600$.

6- portable recorder:

NAMM 2017's top 6 musical instruments and tools
Why get to a recording studio when you can have your own portable recorder, this recorder by Zylia has a spherical microphone that allows users to record high-quality multi-track recordings, it also allows individual audio separation and volume control, the microphone is light-weighted and easy to move, and the price will be around 1000$ including the recording software.

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