TCL has attracted a lot of attention during the previous year with its 6-Series lineup of Roku TVs. This year, they are using Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2019, to announced their new range of audio products to go along with the TVs including two lines of TCL soundbars, Alto 5 and Alto 7. The lines will be available in spring 2019, are expected to be quite affordable.

Alto 5 line features Alto 5 and Alto 5+ soundbars. The main soundbar features two 2-inch drivers three EQ modes. Even though it does have a digital and 3.5mm analog output, it does not feature an HDMI ARC connection. It also contains IR passthrough which means that TV controls are enabled even if the IR sensor is covered on the TV itself. Talking about the Alto 5+, it has almost the same features as the other one, but the difference being is that it also has a small wireless subwoofer powered by a 5-inch driver included.

The second line of TCL soundbars is the Alto 7 which features upgraded soundbars than the basic models from Alto 5 line. When it comes to the drivers, Alto 7 soundbar has a 1.5-inch tweeter and 2-inch driver per channel. It also has HDMI ARC and can accept simple controls from the TV remote. Even though it does not offer WiFi connection, it does provide Bluetooth streaming option. Similar to the other TCL soundbar line, Alto 7+ is the one that features a larger subwoofer besides other feature that are like those found in Alto 7 soundbar.

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