The new Epoque Aeon loudspeakers from Goebel

Epoque Aeon loudspeakers

After six years in production, Goebel the German company specialized in sound systems production, announced the last version of its Epoque series, The Epoque Aeon loudspeakers, after six years since the release of the first version. Aeon speakers will include 4 different speakers to use all around the house.

The new loudspeakers have a lot of updates and improvements, like Improving the bending wave driver, which includes improvements in mechanical parts, heat dissipation, and distortion behavior.

Another thing that was improved is bass drivers and alignment, the position angle of the bass drivers inside the speakers was changed, this change will help to improve the sound quality without any loss, distortion behavior was also improved, as well as the crossover, where high quality material was used to produce it.

Mechanical parts and the joints to the main speaker received an update as well, with high quality shining piano lacquer finish which was made in Germany. The improvements also included the electrical behavior, from impedance behavior to electrical phase behavior.

The company promised that the new loudspeakers would deliver an amazing sound, with improved frequencies comparing to the older version, plus the ability to divide frequencies, and to deliver wider and high quality sound field. It is also so easy to drive the Epoque Aeon line with nearly every amplifier, because of the compatible impedance with most of the amplifiers.

The group includes four loudspeakers with the names:

  • Epoque Aeon Reference
  • Epoque Aeon Fine
  • Epoque Aeon Wall
  • Epoque Aeon Baforce

The first show of the Epoque Aeon Fine will be in the AXPONA 2018 in April, while the Epoque Aeon Reference on the Munich High End show 2018 in May.

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