Sol Republic is coming strong after three years with five new models of headphones showcased at CES 2019. From over the ear headphones to wireless earbuds, they have covered it all this year with the products being officially released as soon as February. As hard it is to create a new competitive pair of headphones due to a huge variety of models and special features on the market, new Sol Republic headphones bring one unusual detail through the partnership with the company Tile.

Tile became popular through its device that allows users to track down their phone or keys using each other and sound. Shadow Fusion, one of the new Sol Republic headphones, are wireless headphones with a neckband which are expected to have Tile functionality allowing the owner to always be able to find it no matter where they are misplaced. They will play loud music and flash LED light making them easier to track down. With comfortable neckband made out of Knit Tech fabric and 10 hours of playback time in combination with IPX5 waterproof rating, they could be a good option for everyday use.

shadow fusion headphones with tile

Amps Air+ are true wireless earbuds that will feature Active Noise Cancellation, IPX5 waterproof rating and easy to carry charging case providing in total over 25 hours of playback time. Soundtrack over the ear headphones will come in a foldable design making them easy to carry and store, while the 30 hours of playback time will be more than enough even for a longer trip. Soundtrack Pro version will have a similar design but will also provide active noise canceling feature and 48 hours of battery life with ANC off. Last but not the least are Freestyle Wireless earbuds with sweat and water resistance and 8 hours of playback time with integrated 4 button controls.

First pair of new Sol Republic headphones to be released are Shadow Fusion in February priced at $130. During July, Soundtrack on-ear headphones and Freestyle Wireless earbuds are coming at $150 and $80 respectively. Soundtrack Pro and Amps Air+ true wireless earbuds are going to be released in October this year for $200 each.

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