Facebook’s Oculus acquires eye-tracking technologies developer startup

Eye Tracking VR Headset

Oculus, the owned by Facebook virtual reality techniques developer has recently confirmed that it has acquired “The Eye Tribe” a start-up builds eye-tracking technology for computers and smartphones.

That Means the next Oculus Rift Headset may feature an advanced eye-tracking technology, and Facebook will take our VR Experience to a whole new level of realistic and improved performance on our personal computer and smartphones as well.

The Eye Tribe has made  eye tracking device kits for developers cost only 99$ alongside with a new power-saving rendering technology that generates the perfect graphics only at the place where the user looks without wasting power on rendering things the user doesn’t care about, and creates a focal point that follows your eyes.

The Startup also offers analytic system that tells the developers where and what people look at most. the kits could be paired with a wide range of VR Headsets easily.

Until Now Oculus didn’t announce anything about the details of the deal, The Other Party of the deal didn’t do so, but the only thing we are sure of it is that this deal will be a Quantum leap in the VR World.


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