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Blue Yeti Nano Microphone Review

The Yeti Nano is a great little mic which offers a quick and affordable way of upgrading your audio recording, especially if you’re getting into streaming.

RAVPower Xtreme Series Powerbanks Review

If you’re in the market for a new portable powerbank, RAVPower's Xtreme series and operate like quality designed and built products.

Marantz-Professional Turret Review

The $300 price-tag of the Marantz Professional Turret seems both reasonable and attainable, offering you a decent amount of features and in a relatively compact form.

FiiO M3K Portable Music Player Review

If we disregard the software and only focus on the build of the device and its sound, then the M3K honestly is a nice little device.

FiiO M9 Portable Music Player Review

The M9 is an enjoyable stand-alone music player, which allows you to use it as a USB DAC, Bluetooth receiver, and gives access to various streaming services

Nokia 7.1 Smartphone Review

Nokia has proven with the 7.1 that everybody can truly own a premium device, even at an affordable price-point of under $300.

Sony SP700N True Wireless Earbud Review

The SP700N is a reasonable performer given the price-point, but support for LDAC and AptX is unfortunately non-existant here.
he1000se review cover

HiFiMAN HE1000se Open-back Headphones Review

If you get an HE1000se that has no build quality issues, then you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got a very good set of headphones indeed.
he6se review cover

HiFiMAN HE6se Open-back Headphones Review

If you do already have a headphone amp that can provide adequate power, then the HE6se offers a very respectable sound character, and so could well prove to be a healthy upgrade over something like the Ananda, and perhaps even the Edition X V2

Sony XB31 Portable Speaker Review

Looking at Sony's recent additions to the Extra Bass line of portable speakers, the XB31 seems to offer you the best bang for buck as it seems to objectively be the best sounding whilst still giving you nearly all of the features of the XB41