Razer, a company well-known for their innovative gaming keyboards and mice, has become somewhat of a CES favourite. They’ve won a couple of back-to-back awards throughout the past couple of years, and we always look forward to seeing what they can come up with. This year, Razer did something a little different, and they call it the ‘Project Linda’ Concept.


Meet Project Linda

No, Project Linda has nothing to do with some sort of futuristic humanoid or AI, although it does focus entirely around and Android, specifically the company’s very own Razer Phone.
You see, Project Linda is one of those concepts that, once you see it, makes you want to slap yourself silly in sheer disbelief – a disbelief that no-one else has done this successfully yet. The premise of Project Linda is to basically be a ‘dock’ for the Razer Phone, a dock that has a built in Quad HD touch display, keyboard, battery pack, speakers, as well as on-board storage. That’s the theory anyways, as the unit that was on display at CES2018 did not have any speakers or a super-duper high-quality display.
Essentially, Project Linda utilises the Razer Phone to create a fully-functioning laptop.


The other interesting thing here is that the phone gets ‘docked’ where you’d usually find the trackpad on a traditional laptop, suggesting that the phone’s display might utilised to achieve tradition laptop functions too, or perhaps it’ll take things further and provide enhanced features such as those introduced on Razer’s Deathstalker Ultimate gaming keyboard. Speaking of keyboards, the one on Project Linda features Razer’s Chroma mutli-coloured LED tech.


As Project Linda is still just a concept and thus not ready to go to market yet, no word has been given on pricing yet. It does seem like the most comprehensive attempt at a phone/laptop hybrid project we’ve seen so far, so we don’t expect it to be a totally budget-friendly item though.

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