How Samma3a Equaliser enable you to choose the best headphone for you?


The market of the headphones and earphones has grown exponentially in the last few year, and it’s going to grow more and more in the foreseen future, thanks to the smart mobile phones sophistication and reach to almost any user with a need for a mobile phone.

With this expansion of the mobility, more users had their music library in their pockets, listening to music while working out, when they are in office, when commuting, or when resting at home, you name it.

You keep noticing that a lot of the listeners are using the standards earphones that are shipped with the phones, and they either don’t know that they can tremendously upgrade the listening experience with a better earphones/headphones, or they are indeed willing to do the upgrade but they don’t know how to get the proper help to select the right pair for their specific use.

And let’s not go to the large number who bought a new earphones set, and they are not happy at all! This is why we had the idea to introduce a simple selector to help the normal user explore and refine a set of options for him/her to choose from.

We made this selector look like an audio equalizer in the main page of our website, with a few category that we feel they matter the most. And with a few slides of the levers anyone can narrow the selections to two or three that fit the needs, then you can read our professional reviews, move on to the shop, read the end users comments, and if you are happy you can place your order and receive it in a few days. you can check our Equalizer from here.

I don’t want to explain more about the categories of the equalizer, but – and for example – did you know that many of the headphones are sweat proof, suitable for the gym? or isolating the surrounding sound, passively or actively? with the noise isolation ,active noise cancelling? Stylish, fashionable headphones with impressive sound quality? There is a lot more here, go and check it out, it’s a fun experience! You can consider the equalizer your personal assistant whenever you want to explore the different options, it is the nice helpful salesman in the shop, giving you the experience of our team whenever you want, with no buying commitment, and available for you 24/7.

Enjoy filtering, and send us your feedback, we always consider them and commit to enhance the experience with future updates. We are not the first one who does product filtering, but it’s not just filtering, it’s the results of our team experience, simplified for you to choose, and it will keep getting better by time.