Apple and Google have been known for many things including their voice assistants Siri and Google Assistant. But, even though a bit less known, Samsung has its own voice assistant since the release of S8 phone series. Bixby offers many useful features for everyday life and we explain how to use this voice assistant to its maximum potential.

“Hi Bixby, what are you?”

Basically, Samsung’s Bixby is an AI system that is designed to help users use the full potential of their Galaxy smartphones. It can be used to get wanted information, perform small tasks, identify items through the camera, translate, etc. It is easily accessible in multiple ways, including a simple wake-up command. Over time, this voice assistant will learn and adapt to your personal preferences and routines in order to perform better. It also acknowledges what it was asked before and in what way based on which it adjusts itself to become more personalized.

“Hi Bixby, what are your four key features?”

Bixby Home is the first out of four key features. All the important information are sorted in cards on one page on your phone, allowing you to see what it sees as important for your location and time at the moment based on the previous experience. Next is Bixby Vision which is a feature that is built into other apps including Gallery, Camera and Samsung Internet. It improves the service of the said apps by translating languages, identifying landmarks and items through the camera, assist shopping, etc. Following key feature is Bixby Reminder that reminds you of events, appointments and keeps track of your to-do list. Last but not least is Bixby Voice that works using voice commands and performs different tasks, from creating reminders to searching for things online.

how to talk to bixby

“Hi Bixby, how can I talk to you?”

There are four different ways you can use your Galaxy assistant. First is by pressing and holding the Bixby button on the device until the command is spoken. If the assistant is already used, there will be a small assistant icon at the bottom of the screen shown as a shortcut, as well as a keyboard shortcut if you prefer to text your assistant. Finally, there is always the “Hi Bixby” wake-up command followed by a task or a question.

Samsung’s voice assistant is still relatively limited by the number of languages supported as the list so far only contains English (UK and US), French, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and, Spanish. Of course, it is expected that this list improves over time. Moreover, Samsung has created it to understand everyday, natural conversational language meaning sentences used in real life with other people would be completely understandable by Bixby too.

“Hi Bixby, what are you available on?”

Being created by Samsung, Bixby is exclusively available on Samsung Galaxy phones. Currently, that list includes Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, Note 9, S9, S9+, Note 8, S8, and S8+.

At the same time, Samsung’s voice assistant is present in an increasing number of home devices, including the Samsung Family Hub 2.0 fridge that can read your news, update on weather and calendar directly from the device. Company’s plans for the future include adding its voice assistant to more TVs as well as other kitchen appliances and even washing machines.

“Hi Bixby, what are your latest updates?”

The so-called Bixby 2.0 came with the latest Galaxy Note 9. Being the second version of the assistant, it brought several new features on top of the existing but updated ones. First of the new features is restaurant recommendations as it can now suggest and book places for you based on your previous visits. It can also book an Uber ride and respond with a price and request to confirm the ride. Finally, it can now have better conversations as several commands can link up one after another in what resembles an everyday conversation.

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