Looks like we won’t be seeing a Samsung smart speaker soon, here’s why

Samsung smart speaker Amazon Echo

Looks like we won’t be seeing a Samsung smart speaker as we thought based on earlier reports, as it looks like the Korean giant has reached a conclusion where it doesn’t have confidence in such investment. This sadly means that a smart speaker is highly unlikely anytime soon.

The Korea Herald website, same one that first outed the rumors about Samsung smart speaker, has now spoke about the company withdrawing from the whole idea because of “unbeatable competition” of Amazon and Google. According to a Samsung insider, the codenamed “Vega” device won’t have a market if it releases because of other companies dominance.

Amazon Echo speaker now has more than 10,000 “skills” that gives it the ability to control everything from air conditions to internet routers, and it has over %70 of the smart speakers market share. Google’s Home speaker also has a good amount of that pie chart that is on the rise. An internal threat to Samsung is also NUGU speaker from SK Telecom that have sold more than 100,000 units in Korea.

“Samsung currently does not view Al speakers as marketable, as the global market is already dominated by unbeatable Amazon and the Korean market is too small to make profits, More importantly, Samsung cannot afford to focus on the uncertain market, as most of its AI specialists — whose number is much less than that of the US tech giants — are currently going all out to develop the Bixby version in English.”

It looks like Samsung is indeed not ready yet to compete in Artificial Intelligent devices yet, as Bixby assistant who was just recently released in the US has shown some trouble understanding and executing orders in English. The cancellation of Vega speaker might be for the best to not disappoint fans of the brand.

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