Since its launch in September 2011, SnapChat has been known to protect its users from capturing or saving their photos, known as Snaps, by traditional methods. This has been the reason why many people use it improperly or even for unethical purposes of sending their videos or photos that they may regret later if they are saved by an unscrupulous person just because they think it’s hard to save SnapChats.

You may not think it is so easy and you have been given full confidence in the application, but I would advise you to go to a search engine such as Google Photos or Tumblr and start searching by typing “SnapChat Snaps” and you will see with your own eyes what You could not imagine; a lot of clips and pictures taken and posted on the Internet for anyone who had no right to see them.

Old methods to Save SnapChats

Multiple ways of trying to capture photos and videos sent through the SnapChat application over the past of six years. Throughout these six years, Snap Inc., the developer and owner of the application, has continued to increase the application’s capabilities to protect its users from taking photos that they do not want to capture after they have put their trust in the application.


Save SnapChats without notifying the senderScreenshots, which are made by mobile phones, have emerged in the following ways:

  • iPhone Phones: Press the Home button next to pressing the Turn off/Ob button at the same time of viewing images or video.
  • Android phones: Screen capture is different from one company to another. Companies such as Samsung enable you to capture the screen by pressing the Home button and the Turn Off/On button together. Another company, such as Huawei, enables you to capture the screen by pressing the Turn Off/On button next to the volume button.

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And other methods for Android phones that cannot be mentioned in the article and will not help us that the company has over the years developed the protection system in the application, which sent a direct notification to the sender of the photo telling him that his photo or video that he sent was recorded and saved.

Screenshotting & Airplane Mode

Another way is to open the application while you’re connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or phone data and then wait until the images you want to keep are loaded in the application and then close all connections such as Wi-Fi and cellular data by activating the Airplane Mode, after which you capture the screen by one of the previous ways and then close the entire application by:

  • iPhone Phones: Press the Home button twice to show up the list of recently used apps and drag the application to close completely.
  • Android phones: Long press on the Options button to the right of the Home button opens the list of recently used applications, or through a third-party application that disables background applications such as Clean Master or any other way depending on the manufacturer of your device.

Save SnapChats without notifying the sender

Once the SnapChat app has been completely closed, wait for thirty seconds and then reset everything as it was by disabling the Airplane Mode and running the SnapChat application again, but this method has also been detected by the developer of the application. The notification is inevitable even if you close your phone for a whole day after you take the screen.

Use third party applications

This was initially done using third-party apps made specifically to save SnapChats on both Android and iOS, but these apps were stopped and deleted from the Google Play Store and App Store, that it no longer works well with the application even if obtained from stores or other sites such as BlackMart and others. These applications were like Sneakaboo, SnapSave, Phantom and others, and they are all ineffective.

Safe ways to save SnapChats without alerting the sender

By the end of the previous paragraph, I have reached the point where I am talking about the methods that have become ineffective for saving images and videos by using the SnapChat application. Starting from this paragraph I will begin to explain how to capture them without notifying the sender.

Save SnapChats - Record the phone screen with another phone

The first of these methods is the traditional and old-fashioned method, but it is also the safest way in terms of not letting the sender know of images that have been saved, and is characterized by the most modern way it works with all types of phones, whether on Android or iOS.

All you need to do in this method to save SnapChats is to have another phone next to you before you open the Snaps or video clip on the SnapChat application, and then open the secondary phone camera and start capturing a video clip rather than a picture. Ten seconds means you will not be able to catch up with them if you want to take a normal picture.

Saving SnapChat Snaps

After you start taking the video clip with the secondary phone, open the Snap on the application and it will be recorded for a few seconds.

Of course, the quality of the image or video is not the best, but it depends on a number of parameters, including the stability of your hands as well as the quality of the camera and the clarity of the image and the size of the main phone screen on which the image is displayed.

After completing the video, you now have the freedom to open it on one of the video editing programs to start stopping at the clearest snapshot of the image and then save it to become the property of this photo in your photo gallery until you delete it yourself.

Save SnapChats - Recording by QuickTime

This method differs from the previous method in only three things:

  • This method works only with iPhone and iPad.
  • You need a MacOS computer to perform this method.
  • The quality of the image being recorded is much better than the previous method.

This method depends on recording the iPhone screen by your MacOS laptop. To do this, follow these steps.

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First: Connect your iPhone to the laptop with its USB Lightining Cable, which has the data transfer feature, not just charging the phone.

Saving SnapChat Snaps

Second: Run QuickTime on your computer.

Third: After opening the QuickTime program, click on File, then choose New Movie Recording, then hover the mouse to the Record button and a small arrow will appear.

Saving SnapChat Snaps

Fourth: Click on this arrow and then you’ll see three options, including My iPhone, which is the option that enables the program to record your iPhone screen.

Saving SnapChat SnapsFifth: All you have to do is to select My iPhone and then click the Record button, and start browsing the Snaps and videos through the SnapChat application.

Once you have finished recording the screen, press the Shift + CMD + 4 buttons to save the recorded video to your computer and it will be saved at the highest possible quality so that you can take the snapshot you want with a video editing program without alerting the sender.

Save SnapChats - Screen recording by iOS 11

Apple recently updated its iOS system by adding Screen Recorder, which enables you to record your interactions on social networking applications.

All you have to do is follow the steps below.

First: Access Settings and then Control Center, then Customize Controls, which is a list of features that your phone can do.

Saving SnapChat SnapsSecond, you will find a list of tasks that the phone can perform and you will find the option of Screen Recording with the red box next to the white circle. Then click on the green (+) sign next to Screen Recording, and the option will be added to the Control Center menu.

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Third: Activate the Screen Recording feature by pressing the two overlapping circles at the bottom left of the screen in the Control Center menu to start recording the screen.

This method works only if you are using version 10.17.5 or earlier in SnapChat, but if you are using a newer version of the app, the sender will be alerted.

This is a collection of methods and ways by which you can save SnapChots sent to you by a friend through the SnapChat application without notifying him.

I caution that I have discharged my responsibility and absolved myself of using these methods in an unethical way or for the purpose of harming a person. These methods are merely for the knowledge you may need in recording scientific seminars or programs or in the case of permission from the sender of these images.


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