Ambeo: 3D Audio Recording in Ear Headphones announced by Sennheiser

Ambeo 3D Audio in ear headphones

Sound needed to be captured in the same way that Human ears do. it was always a big edge for Speakers in the endless battle of Headphones VS Speakers.

Last Year in CES Sennheiser unveiled a suite of 3D audio technologies, including an Ambeo VR mic and a proprietary algorithm that makes games and movies sound more realistic.

This year Sennheiser took it one more step by announcing the Ambeo a recording headphones that will make 3D audio more accessible.

amber 3d audio headphones

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Sennheiser are achieving the 3D recording by using two microphones mounted at each ear piece of the Ambeo to capture the sound as same as Human ears do. So 3D audio will be the new boost to recording videos after the 4k and 360 degree to complete whole user experience cycle.

3D audio files of course will be played in a special app in your smartphone, and it will be an ideal for VR videos as Sennheiser CEO Stated.

Price and availability for the Ambeo is unfortunately not specified by Sennhesier.

In headphones sectors Sennheiser also introduced three new wireless headphones: hd1 in ear, HD 4.50 BTNC, HD 4.40 BT Wireless Headphones.

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