How to use Separate app sounds feature via Bluetooth 5

How to use Separate app sounds feature via Bluetooth 5

We have previously talked in a separate article on what Bluetooth 5 is and what features this generation of the short-range data transfer technology has. One of these features was the ability to use the ability of separating the apps’ audio to play the audio on one application via the Bluetooth device While the rest of the application sounds on the phone itself – Separate app Sounds.

Separate app Sounds feature

The first phones that came with this feature because of its support for the fifth generation of Bluetooth technology is the Samsung Galaxy S8, which was launched in March under the name of Separate App Sound feature.

Learn how you can use this feature on the Galaxy S8 with the following lines.

The first steps you need to do are to access the Settings and then select Sounds and Vibrations.

Separate app Sounds featureThen click the Separate app sound option below.

Separate app Sounds featureAfter selecting the Separate app sound option, activate the feature by pressing the OFF button and you will see a message telling you that to activate this feature you will need to select an application and an audio device with the “SELECT” option.

Separate app Sounds featureYou will initially see a list of applications on your phone to choose which app you want to hear on your wireless headset.

Separate app Sounds featureAfter choosing the application you will see a new screen asking you to select the output from which you want to listen to the sounds from the application, either the phone or the wireless headset, which must be activated and connected to the device before reaching this step to become available within the options.

How to use Separate app sounds feature via Bluetooth 5After completing these options for the application and device, try playing any sound through the selected application and try listening to it through your wireless headset or in general the audio output you selected in the previous step.

To make sure the application you have selected is the only application to be run over Bluetooth wireless headsets, drag the Notifications menu from the top and you will find the Audio Output option, click on it to show you two options, My Phone and the headset connected to the device, select “My Phone” to ensure that it is the default sound output from all applications except the application selected by the “Separate app sound” feature so that you can enjoy what you hear through the speakers without interference or disturbance from the rest of the sounds from other applications.

Separate app sounds featureIf you want to deactivate all sounds over the phone and make the wireless speakers the default sound output, all you have to do is drag the notification menu and press Audio Output and then press the name of the wireless headset already connected to your phone to be the default output for the phone sounds.

Separate app sounds featurePlease note that phone notification sounds are not treated like other application sounds, which means that when you use the Separate app sounds feature, you will still hear the sounds of notifications over the wireless headset even when you choose to listen to only one application sound.

This was the way to separate the sounds of applications using one of the features of the fifth generation of Bluetooth 5 in the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8 also can be used in the same way.

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