One thing you have to admire about Shanling is this: their devices are released in pretty much flawless condition in terms of software. Honestly, compared to fellow Chinese DAP manufacturers (read “competition”), Shanling seem light-years ahead when talking about polishing the software and giving buyers an non-frustrating user experience. Of course, no product is 100% perfect, especially when it comes to software, but that’s what update are for.
Despite all the time and energy put into releasing a stable product from the get-go, they still work hard to iron out what few bugs exist, but more importantly, to add new features.
Exactly 3 months ago the released new firmware updates for the M1s, M2s, and M3s. Today (09 Feb 2018), Shanling have yet again released updates for all 3 devices in one go.

The M2s was already quite possibly the most versatile mini-DAP available on the market today, especially when considering its price-point. It’s small size and outstanding features makes it a fantastic solution for both a standalone player and transport. You can read more about the the M2s in our review here.

What’s New In The Updates?

For all 3 devices, the following improvements and additions have been made:

New function:
1.Added support of OPUS Codec.

If you are unfamiliar with the OPUS Codec, it’s an open, royalty-free lossy codec. You can learn more about it via the OPUS website, or via the Wikipedia page

Changes and fixes:
1.Higher speed of scrolling text.
2.Fixed other small system bugs.

However, for both the M2s and M3s, an additional fix has been included:

Fixed the problem of the wheel’s “press to confirm” function being active while screen is locked.



Get The Updates

Download from Shanling Website

Or alternatively you can get the appropriate ZIP files directly from Google Drive:


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