Sonos announced new Powered-by-Alexa Smart speakers!

Sonos Alexa Smat Speakers

Alexa, Amazon’s AI personal assistant system for Smart Speakers who can be found in Amazon Echo, but it looks like they will find a foothold in other Products, the next Sonos speakers will get it!

Alexa uses it’s AI technology to recognize speech and do tasks like control or play music, it’s also capable of delivering news, facts, weather, and traffic.

Back to April 2016 Sonos announced that Amazon Echo’s support will be brought to their speakers, but that meant you’ll have to buy Amazon Echo in addition to your speakers, which is impractical, so making this feature built in for future speakers sounds like a good thing to hear.

Sonos also looks forward to have partnerships with other companies regarding voice control technologies including Google, as Sonos’s CEO announced that He is very confident that they can deliver multiple systems to their users, adding that voice services will soon function in a way similar to music services, and that he’d love to be supporting not only Echo and Echo Dot but also Google Home.”

Sonos will be able to make a huge movement in this field, Especially if they play on the price game.

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