Three new Noise Cancelling headphones from Sony

sony 1000x series

Sony recently announced three new wireless Noise Cancelling headphones, each of the three headphones comes with a different design; in-ear, around the neck, and over the ear. these three new headphones come as a part of the 1000X series of noise-canceling, wireless headphones. all of the headphones are Hi-Res certified and all are available in Black or Gold.

Noise Cancelling True Wireless Headphones WF1000XNoise Cancelling True Wireless Headphones WF1000X

These In-Ear headphones come with a true wireless design with an ergonomic design that keeps your headphones in place without stressing your ears, the 6mm driver delivers clear and crisp sound, and the Smart Auto-setting automatically switches to the ambient sound mode based on your activity.

Headphones battery offers up to 3 hours of music playback per charge and 15 minutes quick charge for 75 minutes of listening, and with the carrying case fully charged you can get up to 9 hours of playback, you can connect the headphones to any Bluetooth or NFC supporting device, and they are compatible with the Sony Headphones connect application for Android and iOS.

The WF1000X is available for pre-order now for 198$ and will be shipped on the 28th of this month.

Noise Cancelling Wireless Behind-Neck In-Ear Headphones WI1000XNoise Cancelling Wireless Behind-Neck In-Ear Headphones WI1000X

Other than the design, these headphones aren’t much different from the WF1000X in terms of noise cancellation and the ambient sound mode, difference here is that the battery lasts for 10 hours on playback, the Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing allows it to be used in flight, and the support for DSEE HX, S-Master HX, LDAC and aptX HD audio.

The WI1000X can also be connected by wire other than Bluetooth and NFC to use with in-flight entertainment systems or any other device that doesn’t support wireless headsets. It also allows Hands-free calling with vibration notification. while not in use you can Keep your cable neatly out of the way in the slim, zip-style holder.

The WI1000X is now available on Samma3a Store.

WH1000XM2 Premium Noise Cancelling Wireless HeadphonesWH1000XM2 Premium Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

These headphones aren’t much different in terms of noise cancellation and the ambient sound mode too, they also support Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, the difference here is that the headphones are controllable by Touch Sensors to play and skip tracks, control volume by a simple tap or swipe on the right ear cup. you can also Control your phone’s voice assistant with a quick touch.

The Quick Attention Mode allows effortless conversations without taking the headphones off, and the battery offers up to 30 hrs of playtime with wireless noise cancelling. The headphones design supports long hearing sessions without stressing the ears.

The WH1000XM2 is now available at Samma3a Store, you can also read our full product review.

Sony WH-1000XM2 Wireless Headphones Review

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