Sony confirms: PlayStation 5 is definitely coming, just don’t expect it anytime soon

PlayStation 5

With consoles facing a steady decline in terms of power and price advantage over PCs with similar performance, many worried that this might be our last generation of home consoles from both Sony and Microsoft with many analysts predicting revisions of the same generation like PS4 Pro and Xbox One X instead of a new gen. However, Sony had confirmed that it’s indeed intending to work on a PlayStation 5 , but it’s not coming anytime soon.

In the first instance of the Japanese company talking about its next gen device, Shawn Layden spoke to a German website saying that the PlayStation 5 is definitely being planned but we shouldn’t expect it soon. When asked about PlayStation 4 Pro possibly getting exclusive software until the release of a new console Layden reassured fans with original PS4 and PS4 slim models that no, everything released for the console will work on all three revisions.

So when will we see the PS5 or whatever it might be called? Many are predicting it to not show up until at least 2019, with PS4 completing a 7-year cycle similar to Sony’s older consoles. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll hear anything about it this or next year, as there are many games now in the works for the PS4.

The question that remains is whether or not games with unannounced release date like Death Stranding and Final Fantasy VII Remake would release on PS4 like advertised, or will they face a similar fate to Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian being announced for PS3 to be later released on PS4.

In anyway, we’re waiting to see what Sony has up its sleeves with the upcoming console generation, which will easily be aimed at resolutions of 4K and higher. Until then, Microsoft’s Xbox One X, releasing later this year, will most likely enjoy being the world’s most powerful console for a year or two.

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