Sony announced several new speakers at CES 2019, among them being the company’s newest portable speaker designed to improve any party, picnic or a trip. GTK-PG10 speaker features a top panel that opens up and delivers sound optimized for outdoors that can be heard over a greater area and is easily controlled via voice.

GTK-PG10 speaker is designed to be portable but powerful. Outdoor party mode is activated with the opening of the top panel when Digital Signal Processor adapts audio settings based for the optimized outdoor performance delivered by tweeters on each side that face outwards and upwards. The top panel has integrated cup holders and is splashproof, while the sides have handles to make it easy to move the speaker anywhere.

sony gkt-pg10 speaker outdoor party mode

There are several different audio source options that can be used, the main one being Bluetooth connectivity or, for devices and players that do not support this way of connectivity, there is the regular audio input. Besides this, thanks to the FM radio tuner, you can listen to favorite radio stations as well. Bluetooth connectivity supports up to 3 devices simultaneously so there can be more than one DJ. The GTK-PG10 speaker will keep up for 13 hours of playback time without having to be recharged.

Audio settings can be customized using the Sony Music Centre app. The app also allows users to choose favorite playlists or cue what the next song should be without having to stand by at all times to play it manually. Sony Music Centre app is also required for voice control over the speaker using the Fiestable app that allows anyone to speak to the connected smartphone and control the volume or track.

The price of the GTK-PG10 speaker will be $250, starting April when it will be officially released for sales.

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