Sony attracted a lot of attention last year when they released their premium A1 series featuring their first range of 4K OLED TVs. As they became the standard for 4K OLED picture quality, the A1 range went on into the new year by adding the flagship AF9 TV to the line, among many new models. Here is an overview of some of the best Sony TV 2018.

Sony Bravia AF9

Sony TV 2018 AF9

When it comes to Sony’s OLED TVs, this model truly takes the spotlight even among other Sony TV 2018 models. Being the successor of the AF8 which was launched at CES 2018, it held onto some original features but got couple of improvements as well.

AF9 offers 4K resolution with HDR and OLED screen with maximized contrast in every color due to the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate which shows the most in fine details and vivid colors. The processor adjusts brightness, details, and color of the image which further makes anything on the screen much more realistic.

When it comes to sound, due to Acoustic Surface Audio+ in combination with the three actuators and two sub-woofers, the multi-dimensional sound feels like it comes from different directions creating the full sound experience.

The Netflix Calibrated Mode is designed specifically for Netflix original series to bring the creator’s initial idea to the screen in your home. With the Netflix partnership, streaming videos is only a click away on the remote control.

Sony Bravia AF9 OLED TV comes in either 55” or 65” version, with retail price $3,800 and $5,070 respectively.

Sony Bravia ZF9

Sony TV 2018 ZF9Being the flagship of 4K LCD range, this Sony model puts realism as a priority. Similar to the AF9, it also features the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate which is the why the image ends up being so bright and clear, highlighting the realistic elements of objects shown on the screen. Moreover, due to the narrow frame design, there are minimal viewing distractions for the viewers.

Vibrant colors and hues from TRILUMINOS display which can be seen from any angle on the wide-angle screen are delivered using the X-Wide Angle technology. Furthermore, the details are shown in up to 12 times higher contrast than other LED TVs, meaning the bright scenes are brighter while the dark scenes are darker.

The X-Motion Clarity is especially exceptional in any fast action scenes. There is no loss in brightness while the blur of the moving object is minimized, staying true to the original image. The Netflix Calibrated Mode is present as well, making all the Netflix Originals faithfully presented on the screen.

Sony Bravia ZF9 LCD TV comes in two screen dimensions, 65” with a retail price of $3,550 and 75” version with a retail price of $6,325.

Sony Bravia XF90

Sony TV 2018 XF90

Sony’s line of LCD TVs has grown even more with the introduction of this model in 2018, bringing several improvements when compared to the previous LCD TV model. As the XF90 model adopted the latest processor, the Processor X1 Extreme which is present in most Sony TV 2018 models, the 4K HDR image was not difficult to bring to the viewers.

Keeping up with the Sony’s standard, it features the X-Motion Clarity for minimizing the blur caused by fast moving images, as well as the TRILUMINOS display that reproduces each color and shade as true to the source, showing vivid colors and details. The X-tended Dynamic Range PRO brings up to 6 times more contrast to the scenes that the conventional LCD TVs, leading to 20% improvement in brightness than the previous model.

As the previous two models mentioned in this article, it can be paired with a Sound Bar as it uses Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to bring cinema video and audio experience straight to your living room.

Sony Bravia XF90 LCD TV is a bit more affordable when compared to the previous models we have talked about and it comes in four screen size options: 49”, 55”, 65” and 75” model. The prices are $1,516, $1,770, $2,276, and $3,795 respectively.


Trying to maintain a high standard and keep up with technological advancements, Sony made sure all Sony TV 2018 models, both 4K OLED and LCD, are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. When it comes to HDR, the main formats that Sony concentrated on are HDR10, HLG as well as Dolby Vision.

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