If you have not heard of the HD58X Jubilee, or the HD6XX, or the K7XX for that matter, then my first concern would be to rescue you from that large rock that you’re clearly trapped under.

Massdrop has, for quite some time now, teamed up with various manufacturers spanning many industries to offer deals on audio, camera, tech, and even lifestyle products.
For the audio community, they’ve undergone collaborations with the likes of Sennheiser, HiFiMAN, Fostex, and even Focal (just to name a few).
But, one of their most ambitious and interesting ventures is working directly with some some manufacturers to offer slightly tweaked versions of already-established products at a much lower cost.
Massdrop and Sennheiser collaboration which resulted in the HD6XX (a version of the famous HD650) is probably the best-known example of this.
However, a little while ago Massdrop and Sennheiser hooked up yet again to deliver what is quite possibly their best (or at the very least best value) product to date – the HD58X Jubilee.hd58x-promo-2

If we take a little trip down memory lane we’ll learn that the previous Jubilee headphone from Sennheiser eventually became the well-regarded HD600. All of Sennheiser’s HD-series of headphones, at least starting form the HD600 and moving numerically up) are absolute gems in the audiophile community.

What the HD58X Jubilee has managed to become is arguably one of the nicest to listen to headphones out there, even managing to outshine its much more expensive siblings in some regards, and it does this all at an incredible price of just $159.99.hd58x-promo-3

I actually ordered one for myself not too long ago to see what the fuss is all about, and I’ve got to admit that I really…..
Actually, you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer while I write my full review on the HD58X Jubilee.
But, let me put it this way – here’s the link to where you can get them. Now go and get them!


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