Tidal music streaming service is bringing a long-awaited updated for the users of its Android app starting today. The MQA decoder is going to be apart of the new update for the Android app enabling users to maintain optimal audio quality experience both online and offline on both smartphones and desktop apps. This means that Tidal Master quality audio is finally available for Android users.

Android users that were until now only able to access the Master Quality Audio Albums and the list of the available albums and tracks through the desktop application will now be able to use it on smartphones as well. The addition of Tidal Master quality recordings is a free feature for all of the HiFi tier subscribers. The Master quality means the audio comes in authenticated and unbroken version with the highest possible resolution, aimed to be exactly as the artist intended it to be.

Tidal offers two subscription tiers, Premium for $10 per month with standard sound quality, and HiFi for $20 per month which offers lossless high fidelity sound quality and HD music videos, as well as Tidal Master Quality Audio songs and albums. The prices can vary based on geographical location. TIdal has announced that iOS support is going to come very soon as well.

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