Less than a month ago, Patrick Brady, the head of Android Auto at Google, revealed that there are more collaborations with different car brands coming soon and the first one is already here. Toyota has finally announced that the new 2020 models, as well as a couple of car models from the previous years, will come with featured Android Auto.

Ever since last autumn when the rumors about the collaboration started appearing, Toyota kept it a secret and instead worked on Automotive Grade Linux which relies on Ford’s SmartDeviceLink allowing certain apps to be mirrored from the smartphones to the car’s screen but the issue was the apps were not the ones users wanted the most.

Even though Toyota avoided adding Android Auto because of security concerns and it was even one of the last to add Apple’s CarPlay to some sedans and small SUVs, it decided to take a leap and go along with the in-car interface trend. Toyota cars that are going to feature Android auto are full-sized SUVs and trucks, more specifically 2020 models of 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra and Sequoia, as well as 2018 Aygo and 2019 Yaris (only in Europe). The company also announced that the new models will feature CarPlay as well.

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