The W30 is a universal fit sound isolation in ear headphones, that sits in side the ear canal, with an above and over the ear cable type, designed for serious audiophile Westone have upgraded the drivers they are using for the W series and made them more precise and accurate, and they have tuned their sound to achieve the best frequency response possible. Designed for the serious audiophile, the W30 uses separate bass, mid-range and high frequency balanced armature drivers in conjunction with an advanced 3-way crossover for a truly awesome listening experience.

All of the W series are coming now with 3 Exchangeable Faceplates Red, Blue, Black so it is possible to customize  your earphones plus they all come with 2 detachable cables, an inline remote & mic cable compatible with IOS device, and Westone Epic braided cable for enhanced audio performance. Taking in consideration the sound and build quality of the W30 and all of the included feature that makes it a great option to consider.


  • Incredible comfort for active lifestyles
  • New replaceable cables connection includes the braided epic cable and round MFI cable with 3-button control and mic.
  • Robust replaceable EPIC cable for stunning audio resolution
  • Exchangeable Faceplate, Black, blue and red color faceplates with secure attachment
  • Triple-balanced armature drivers with a 3-way crossover
  • Westone True-Fit Technology
  • New Monitor Vault. Designed specifically for transporting high-end earphones and manufactured in Colorado of a high impact polymer

Product Details:

  • Type: Sound Isolation earphone (IEM)
  • Drivers Size:NA
  • Drivers Type: 3 balanced armature drivers with a 3-way crossover
  • Frequency Response: 20-18000 Hz
  • Passive Noise Attenuation: 25 dB
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB SPL @ 1 mW
  • Impedance: 30 Ω
  • Microphone sensitivity:Hz
  • Maximum Input: NA
  • Weight with cable: 12.7 g
  • Connecter: 3.5 mm with 90 degree jack
  • Cable Length: 128 cm
  • MSRP: 1599 AED
  • Warranty: 2 years.

What’s In the Box?

  • W30 earphones
  • Exchangeable Faceplate  Red, Blue, Black
  • Epic braided audio Cable.
  • Mic and remote epic cable
  • Various sizes ear tips Foam and Flux
  • Wax cleaning tool
  • Mini Monitor volt carry case
  • Tiny screw driver for replacing faceplates.