This is an Extended review after our Earlier preview.


Westone – a brand I don’t need to introduce. A household name in high quality in-ears.

Here I am reviewing the W60 – a 6 driver in-ear.

 Manufacture’s Specifications:

  •     Type: Sound Isolation earphone (IEM
  •     Drivers Size:NA
  •     Drivers Type: 6 balanced armature drivers with a 3-way crossover
  •     Frequency Response: 20-20000 Hz
  •     Sensitivity: 117 dB SPL @ 1 mW
  •     Impedance: 25 Ω
  •     Microphone sensitivity:NA
  •     Maximum Input: NA
  •     Cable Length: 132cm
  •     Weight with cable: 12.7 g
  •     Connecter: 3.5 mm with 90 degree jack
  •     Warranty: 2 Years


These are one of the comfiest in-ears ever. They are so small and still house 6 drivers. Pretty impressive. They have 6 drivers in each ear with a 3 way crossover. The design plates (color) can be exchanged so you can give the W60 a more unique look or match it to your outfit.

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 Build quality

They are light and they feature a replaceable cable. Everything feels sturdy but it’s not an RHA full metal earphone. Anyhow, I am sure Westone selected material that sounds as great as it protects.


These just slip into my ears and after seconds I can honestly say that I don’t feel them anymore. These can be worn for hours a without any complaints.

Supplied accessories:

You get a great carrying case, two cables and plenty of ear tips. All yo need but not excessive.


This is going to be a short review. These are the best and most speaker like in-ears I have ever heard. They reproduce sound as close to the real deal as possible. Often that means they are lean on the bass but not the W60 – they are just right. They sound lush and engaging, everything is in its place where it belongs. These are some serious sounding in-ears that are hard to beat.

Sound Stage and instruments separations: Never heard an in-ear with that perfectly balanced soundstage, not too deep, not too wide. It’s pretty much spot on.

Pros & Cons:


  • Sound quality
  • Comfort
  • Soundstage
  • Balance
  • Heritage of Westone shines in every facet


  • Pricey
  • Maybe a bit too perfect?


Now, these are the precision instrument, the scalpel that just cuts through sound with ultra precision. They are by all means an absolute feast for the senses.

If you want the technical best universal in-ear you can get, this is it. You can’t go wrong with it. For me personally I prefer a bit more bass, a but more V-shaped fun. But if you want the best and have voices and the whole mid range just hitting perfect balance, then get these. It’s impossible to not be impressed by these in-ears.